Interior design

Concrete and wood in an elegant combination – a harmonious interior

Concrete and wood -elegant-living room-partition-glazing-couch

An apartment with a sea view in Odessa, Ukraine has been designed in a very modern style in a distinctly masculine style. The walls between the different rooms in the apartment have been partially removed. This is only reminiscent of design accents, contrasts that are very stylish through the use of Concrete and wood are achieved.

Concrete and wood create smooth transitions in the living room

Concrete and wood -elegant-living room-corner couch-leather-picture

Made of concrete and wood, in gray and brown, every room is elegantly and comfortably designed. Even if the furniture is reduced to a minimum, this modern apartment offers comfort and areas for daily routines.

Concrete and wood used elegantly and stylishly

Concrete and wood -elegant-living room-wall unit-tv-window sill

A wooden floor has been laid in the living room and the walls are plastered in an authentic concrete look. A corner couch is in front of the wall unit and a flat screen TV. The light falls into the room from one side and a wonderful view of the nearby sea invites you to linger.

Concrete and wood Industrial chic and cosiness at the same time

Concrete and wood -elegant-wood-floor-hall-industrial

The relatively high ceiling allows an aesthetic design of the interior in dark, muted colors and a matt surface. That and the reduced number of pieces of furniture do not make the apartment look gloomy or depressed.

Gray and wood also prevail in the small bedroom

Concrete and wood -elegant-bedroom-small-wall cladding-curtain

Floor-to-ceiling glazing separates the bedroom from the rest of the living space, allowing light to pass through to the rest of the areas. The bedroom is small, but smart and comfortably furnished. Opaque curtains in soft gray can be run along the glazing and provide more privacy.

Rely on contrasts – concrete and wood in the modern kitchen 

concrete-wood-elegant-modern-schwraz-built-in kitchen-modern-apartment

The kitchen, which is separated by design, but kept open, is just as minimally furnished. The built-in kitchen itself merges gently into the wall because of the lower kitchen fronts, which have the same look as the walls. A design accent in the room is set by the upper kitchen cabinets. They are made of light, natural wood and are properly set in scene with warm LED light.

Functional kitchen made of concrete and wood in a minimalist style


On a pedestal in the kitchen area there is a dining table with a granite top, which is not only good for dining and sociable evenings with friends & Family, but also for durable countertops due to the top properties of the granite.

Modern, open kitchen with multifunctional dining area


In the kitchen, as well as in the bathroom, the dark gray nuances dominate – anthracite, even black. Not only are the walls painted in color, but also the ceiling.

Concrete and wood in the elegant bathroom with shower

concrete-wood-elegant-bathroom-rain shower-glass wall-shower tray

The bathroom is small, but offers everything useful – shower with glass wall, toilet and sink with a shelf and a large mirror above. The wet area is only partially tiled – the floor and the shower wall, the rest is colored in the same anthracite color.

Concrete and wood in the bathroom – only one wall is tiled 

concrete-wood-elegant-bathroom-shower-glass wall-small

The white sanitary furniture and the wooden door of the built-in wardrobe create contrasts. One wonders where the landlord stows all his things – in a built-in walk-in closet along the living room.

Wall, ceiling and walls in the bathroom are completely anthracite


Built-in wardrobe with wooden doors sets a cozy accent

concrete-wood-elegant-bathroom-toilet-built-in cabinet-wood

Color instead of tiles in the bathroom


Light meets dark in the hallway of a modern apartment


* a project by Mooseberry Design Group