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Combining wood with the color gray – an elegant residence in Vilnius, Lithuania

gray combine modern home furnishings

Would you like the trendy and multi-faceted color gray to move into your apartment and conjure up an elegant and pleasant feeling? Then check out this chic apartment. In the following picture gallery you will surely find inspiration on how to combine the color gray. In this post we present you a contemporary apartment with impressive interiors in Vilnius, Lithuania, designed by interior designer Rūta Bajevaitė.

carpet plant partition sofa gray wall color

The elegant private residence catches the eye at first glance with different shades of gray, which have been combined in a harmonious way with beige and other earthy tones. The unanimous overall picture that results from the interplay between warm wood and subtle gray cannot be overlooked. Some shades of gray are more likely to be considered cool, which is why the specialist lamp combines furniture or accessories in warm brown tones with the color gray.

house living concept open sofa wall design

This is also the case in this modern residence with an open living concept. The bright and cozy living area offers an unrestricted view of the compact kitchen and the dining area, which is right next to it. The subtle gray of the upholstered furniture in the inviting living area is set off perfectly by the combination with the neutral white of the ceiling. A brown-gray color was used for the wall design, which also brings out the light gray color of the sofa.

Combine living room curtains gray

The parquet floor, which covers the entire floor, offers the perfect prerequisite for a harmonious furnishing. The wooden floor lets the room steal with its yellowish, almost brass-colored shades. Colors and materials were used carefully and deliberately throughout the interior. The inner coating of the pendant lights that hang over the dining table reflects the characteristic color of the wooden flooring.

gray combine partition wood slats fireplace

The kitchen back wall was also clad with wood, but in a slightly darker shade. The material wood was also used in the stairwell. The wooden banisters and steps radiate the same warmth as the living room itself. The apartment also has a bedroom and two bathrooms, which unanimously continue the furnishing concept and combine the natural material with the shade of gray.

gray combine partition wood slats fireplace

wood gray combine leather chairs park

stair railing wood pendant lights plant

dining area kitchen wood flooring pendant lights

modern apartment wood gray white color combination

kitchen cabinets beige parquet flooring dining table

kitchen bar stool wood floor kitchen rear wall

house vilnius bedroom white gray combine wooden floor

bathroom tiles wood brown gray combine

bathroom staircase mirror sink

shower bathroom tiles natural color washbasin sink

* a project by Rūta Bajevaitė