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Combining different types of wood for furniture – 15 chic ideas

types of wood for furniture colored chairs-ceiling-dark-floor

So that an interior design looks interesting and diverse, combinations of different patterns, textures and colors are popular. Otherwise, the interior will look bland and boring. The same applies to the wood surfaces and types. If the furniture and floor consist of the same grain and color, a colorless environment is created that is often anything but appealing. Today we’re going to show you some great ideas and give you tips on how to do different Types of wood for furniture combine to create a unique interior design.

Types of wood for furniture and parquet – Do different types of wood go together?

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A monotonous interior is also not practical if the apartment or house is not set up at once. In most cases, furnishings and decorations are acquired over the course of several years, with textures, surfaces and colors having different designs. But so that everything still fits together harmoniously, follow our helpful tips for combining types of wood for furniture.

1. Combine types of wood for furniture – watch out for color casts

types of wood furniture cold-shades-white-gray-scandinavian

Wood types for furniture can be combined if they are of a different color, but they should still match. You can do this by paying attention to the color cast. Are the pieces of furniture warm or rather cold in color? Warm colors are combined with equally warm tones and vice versa.

Warm colors for natural wood furniture

Types of wood for furniture living room-dark-coffee table-parquet-lacquered

Two colors for wood have been combined in this living room. But even though the coffee table is much darker than the floor, they go wonderfully together and create a pleasant atmosphere together. This is because both types of wood for furniture and floors have a warm color cast.

2. Combine types of wood according to the grain

types of wood-furniture-combining-rustic-accents-dining-area-furnishing

If your types of wood for furniture and floors have a distinctive grain, you can also use this property to combine them. In this way you underline the mood in the room and at the same time ensure a diverse color scheme without the interior appearing tastelessly thrown together.

Rustic style

types of wood-furniture-combination-beige-chairs-patchwork

The use of different types of wood for furniture and floors from different styles also has a similar effect. The grain and color may differ, but the style of execution brings back the harmony that you expect in your living area. Similar grains and colors are nevertheless preferable.

3. Make use of buffers

types of wood-furniture-vintage-dining-table-solid wood-oriental carpet-metal chairs

If a dining table is placed on a wooden floor that has absolutely nothing in common with the wood of the piece of furniture, this arrangement will automatically attract the eye. The difference is immediately noticeable and makes the interior look unattractive. You can prevent this by creating a buffer between the types of wood for furniture and flooring, for example.

Solid wood furniture for a mix of different styles

types of wood-furniture-wood-floor-colorful-accents-chairs-carpet-squares

In both examples, a carpet was used to create such a buffer. The upstairs dining room also has plenty of color in the carpet to compliment the chairs. The wood of the table looks rustic, while the chairs are a mix of modern and vintage styles.

4. Avoid chaos

types of wood-furniture-mix-roetlich-floor-concrete-wall-fireplace

Despite all the tips, you shouldn’t overdo it with the types of wood used for furniture, floors and ceilings. Leave it with two or three colors or grains for the wood and repeat each type of it a few times in the respective room. In this way chaos is avoided and the ambience appears harmonious and homely.

Modern and harmonious

types of wood-furniture-gray-floor-laminate-bench-light brown-table

In this example, two types of wood were used for furniture and flooring that are neither similar in color nor in their grain, but there is no sense of chaos or a lack of harmony. The reason for this is on the one hand the same style for the laminate and the furniture and on the other hand the fact that only two types of wood were used.

5. White as an alternative

types of wood for furniture kitchen-idea-kitchen island-white-cupboards

White, as you know, is a neutral color that goes with each other. That’s why it’s also a great choice if you’re unsure about how to combine types of wood for furniture. If you have many surfaces that are very different overall, simply mix in a piece of white furniture. The floor can also be made white.

Different types of wood for a diverse interior

types of wood-furniture-kitchen-island-round-dining-table-mint-green-wall

The white color has a calming effect and prevents a chaotic atmosphere. In the picture above, the color white was not only used for the kitchen island and cabinets, but can also be found on the wall. The floor, ceiling and side wall fit together perfectly, even though more than three colors were used for the different types of wood for furniture and surroundings.

Types of wood for furniture in similar nuances

types of wood-furniture-dining-room-furnishings-blue-wall-paint-bookshelf

It looks similar with this example. The dining room has a bright dining table, which is combined with equally warm color casts for the dresser, floor and bookshelf. The dark chairs are a contrast. However, this does not change the homely atmosphere. The types of wood for furniture have been perfectly combined.

Combine wood with bright colors

types of wood-furniture-dining-table-bright-colored-carpet-white-showcase

As in one of the examples above, a colorful rug serves as a decorative element in this dining room. In this case, however, it does not serve as a buffer for the different types of wood for furniture and flooring, because these are chosen similarly. The white bookshelf with showcase creates an additional balance. The contrast that is created is not immediately apparent.

 Modern wooden furniture ideas

types of wood-furniture-log-table-dark brown-parquet-black

The tips mentioned for combining different types of wood for furniture and other elements are not strict rules, but are only intended as a guide. You are welcome to come up with other variants to design your home according to your taste and at the same time harmoniously.