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Color test and color type – which color tones match your interior

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What colors do you use around yourself? Bright, soft or do you prefer pure white? The colors definitely have an impact on your mood, so choose them carefully. This Color test will help you determine the most suitable colors for you at this time of your life.

Interesting color test – determine the color type

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We would no longer delve into the theoretical details of color psychology. Here we offer you a fun quiz game that will teach you how to use colors to create a living space that suits your mood. The colors are an exciting and creative way to transform your interior, especially if you have the need to. There are periods when we want everything in blue or when we succumb to the red passion. The instinctive choice of colors can be a momentary burst of our emotions, not an expression of our deep mental state. Our advice is to first think about what you desire, in a purely mental plan, and then, based on that, choose the colors – blue for the wall or for the couch? For a long time or just a few months. This Color test will reveal to you whether you feel better in the cold color palette (blue, green, purple), warm (red, yellow, orange) or neutral (white, black, gray, beige). Answer the questions and discover what color type you are.

Start the color test

color test color type warm room colors cinnamon shades

1. Choose a fragrance for your home

• Lavender

* Cinammon

– Incense sticks

2. A woman is sitting on a chair and looking out the window:

• She thinks how to spend the evening

* is bored and a little sad

– Your thoughts wander aimlessly

3. Your favorite flower is:

• orchid

– lilac

* Rose

4. For your birthday you prefer:

• Ultra chic and elegant party

– Romantic dinner with your partner or a cozy dinner with loved ones

* big party with friends

5. The phone rings late at night:

* I wanted to speak to someone right away

– You are scared

• They hope it was a bad joke

6. Your favorite music from this list is:

* Skirt

– ethno

• Classic

7. Your new home is an open floor plan. You think:

* How many friends can I finally invite?

– Would I even find an intimate corner there for myself?

• How should I organize the space rationally?

8. Your screen saver on your screen is:

* Photo of your pet or children

– sea or forest landscape

• Architecture in black and white

9. Ethnic cuisine. They prefer:

• Sushi – delicious and aesthetic

* Ethnic finger food – you love to eat with your hands

– You are already familiar with Mediterranean cuisine

10. The last thing you do before you go to bed:

– drink your favorite beverage – herbal tea

* Read a book or watch TV

• Prepare the breakfast table for morning

11. It’s snowing. You are locked in the office:

• You would use the time to tidy up your purse or desk

– You are worried and claustrophobic

* You work all the time

12. Your ideal place to relax is:

– Chaise lounge in the bedroom where you dream

* An armchair in the living room to be with others

• the sofa in front of the home theater system

13. Generally contemporary art

• interests you, but is not always impressive

– leaves a bad feeling. It is often too much for your liking.

* inspires you

14. You can choose the view from your new home.

– Bay of the sea

* City view from above

• Romanesque style cathedral

15. The image of a desert evokes the association of

– panic

* Adventure

• necessary tour guide

16. You have a week of vacation to spend alone. They go to

* a party location on the beach

• a spa resort

– Vacation in the country where you know all the neighbors

color combinations color test warm bright colors furnishing

17. A bit of chaos:

• annoys you

– disturbs your concentration

* isn’t that bad now and then

18. Which sport do you prefer

* Latino dances

– Capoeira

• fitness

19. Select a course in the pool

– without courses, just swim freely

* Aqua gym

• Styles in swimming

20. A wish for Alladin’s magic lamp would be

• Stability, balance

* Joy, vitality

– creativity

21. You need to arrange your closet for the new season. You feel

* tired

– in stress

• the situation is under control

22. Happy hour for you is:

• Chic and casual

– Chaotic and superficial

* A time-for-yourself

23. Suddenly the train stops in the subway between the two stations:

– You panic and try to remember the yoga breathing techniques

* You think this is the best / most exciting day of your life

• It would be enough if the woman next door stopped pushing the doorknob all the time

24. It’s raining and you’re stuck in a traffic jam, waiting in a huge line of cars

• In the meantime, you are making the regular calls to your parents

– You play the CD “Sounds of Nature” and ignore the rain and traffic

* Despair overwhelms you

25. You need focus. But the kids are screaming, your dog is too funny and your spouse is listening to music too loud.

* You take a deep breath and think it’s nice that your life is so full

– You lose control of yourself

• You try to isolate yourself and retreat to your room

26. The train is moving. Two people hug each other on the platform. Your reactions:

– You are angry because you are already late

* You feel sorry for her. Maybe they part for a long time.

• feeling uncomfortable

You have already finished the color test. See which symbols dominate your answers.

color test color type warm tones living room orange pink animal prints

More Answers • – Warm colors

Red, yellow, orange, and all their nuances. You need these stimulating colors. These hues are appropriate if at this point in your life you are prone to isolation, feeling discouraged, in no mood, and looking pessimistic. In these cases the colors of the sun and fire will stimulate your joy, strength and activity. There is no need to paint everything in dazzling yellow, just a few pieces of furniture can make a positive difference. Or just paint the hallway. This is the room that greets you and doesn’t oblige you to keep the same style in the other living areas. You can’t be in a bad mood on a sunny morning. You will get such a result if you are too vital and extroverted person – then you will simply feel good in the warm and light colors. Fearful. however, angry people, those who have trouble concentrating, should avoid these colors. For example, the color red is often associated with love and passion, but it could also cause feelings of fear. Whole walls in bright red can trigger phobias.

color test color type cool color scheme light blue white metal coffee table

More answers * – cool colors

Blue, green, purple – fresh, harmonious, relaxing. These colors can have a positive effect on you if you are a little nervous. Light blue creates an atmosphere of relaxation. You dream more often and slow down the pace. The so-called cold shades slow down the hyperactive people, calm the fearful and expand the horizons from the workaholics. The blue color with its nuances is associated with the infinite, the divine, with peace. You feel relieved after looking at it. But this color is also too relaxing for people who are prone to apathy, lack of initiative. So, you should use blue and purple sparingly, just for a few accessories. Green, the color of nature, stimulates creativity. And all shades of purple will bring dreams and romance to you.

color test gray living room weathered wood elements

More answers with “-” – neutral colors

White, black, gray, beige. Colors designated as neutral, which carries the elegance of the distance from the others. If you prefer white, then you need harmony and stability. White represents order and cleanliness. It helps confused people who are passing through a difficult time and need to organize their thoughts. Also has positive effects on people prone to overcontrol. The fans of white walls combine them with black. These people are confident, proud of their ability to be in control. And they hate the bright colors that create a sense of excessive emotionality and lack of order. Beware of the black color! Its excessive use leads to depression, should be used very sparingly, only as an aesthetic accent or combined with warm materials such as wood.

color test color type neutral colors beige living room

The situation is similar to that of people choosing gray: aloof, ideal for those who want to keep their distance from other people. For those who do not want to express their opinion or want to be noticed. And what do you think of beige, milk with chocolate and mocha? Restrained yet warm colors. They are chosen by people with warm hearts who are ashamed to express their feelings.

black and white living room with red armchair

color test color type living room black white armchair red

warm terracotta wall paint

color test color type warm color scheme orange wall color ecru furniture

yellow accent wall and pillows

wall colors test color type warm bedroom brown yellow beige

turquoise blue and green in the kitchen

color test color type turquoise blue green combination kitchen wooden cabinets

Wooden wall cladding in the bedroom

colors test bedroom wooden floor wooden wall cladding black bed

Wood softens the black color

color test matching bedroom wooden bed black combination

light blue and white

color test color type cold hues furnishing house

green and gold combination

room colors test color type green golden accents white living room

Energy deferral

color test color type yellow orange living room energy

yellow accents for the dark blue wall color

color test determine color type living room blue yellow

bold red in the living room

wall colors test color type red living room gray combination