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Clever furnishing of large apartments – tips and tricks

 spacious living room stylish furnishing ideas

In order to be able to realize unusual living dreams, it helps to find an apartment that has large rooms. This is often the case in a loft, but spacious old buildings are also very suitable for realizing individual ideas. However, many property owners are unsure about the facility. In order for the living space to come into its own, it is often enough to pay attention to a few points.

Furnishing large apartments – creating a focal point

Sofa large apartment cleverly set up ideas

An eye-catcher in a large room can be created, for example, with a large piece of furniture that immediately catches the eye when you enter the room. A sofa is very suitable for this. For example, a modern living area or a real Chesterfield sofa come into question.

When it comes to sofas, the term Chesterfield does not represent a brand, but a specific style. The exact history of this furniture is not known; The Englishman Phillip Earl von Chesterfield is said to have commissioned the first sofa of this type. To this day it has many enthusiasts and is therefore often found in living rooms or workrooms when the owners value tradition and quality. A high-quality Chesterfield sofa is made of leather and has thick upholstery. Since the leather is fastened to the frame with buttons during production, a typical diamond pattern is created. While England as a manufacturing location was a guarantee of high quality for a long time, today there are good producers all over the world.

In order to separate the living area and make it recognizable, the free-standing sofa should be set up on the side or with the back to the door. Depending on how many people live in the property, one or two expansive armchairs are needed to complete the picture.

Furnishing large apartments – dividing the living room into different zones

Shelves divide space into practical furnishing ideas 

In order to divide a room into different zones, not only seating furniture is suitable. The classic screen is also a good option. Since it is available in numerous variations, it can be bought to match the interior. Paravents can look back on a very long history. They were used in Asia as early as the eighth century. In Europe, France is the first country she discovered in order to separate areas or to protect them from prying eyes. They can be used not only in the home, but also outside as privacy screens. Bookshelves are also suitable to create a separation.

Experiment with colors

Set up the living room Select the wall color

In large rooms, residents can experiment with colors. While dark colors are generally not suitable for small rooms, as they can quickly become overwhelming, this is not a problem for large properties. To go with a Chesterfield sofa, for example, the English style can be combined with cozy colors such as

  • Dark red,
  • emerald,
  • or shades of brown

maintain. You can also find numerous wallpaper patterns for the style. Flowers and stripes traditionally play a major role in England. In the current wallpaper trends, however, there are also those that are made of fabric and stand out due to their unusual feel. Retro patterns should of course not be missing and can be used by trend-conscious property owners.

Accentuate the lights

Living room stylishly illuminate ideas chandelier table lamps

When choosing lamps, residents shouldn’t be cautious, but rather concentrate on models that attract a lot of attention due to their size and design. With the classics as well as with modern designers, attractive lights can be found that are shown to advantage in a large room. If the style of the furniture in the room is subtle, a lamp can be eye-catching and pompous; a chandelier is well suited here, for example. Those who choose opulent furnishings, on the other hand, should limit themselves to the lamps and accessories so that the picture remains coherent.

The lighting plays a major role in creating a cozy atmosphere.

  1. There should be a large lamp in each area and smaller ones to complement it.
  2. In corners where no furniture is set up, spherical lights or design objects are conceivable.
  3. Altar candles can reach a height of one meter and are also well suited to illuminate corners. In order for them to work, however, they must be set up in small groups.

Emphasize art in space

set up design decorate photo wall

The residents can let off steam when it comes to decoration. Oversized pictures or photographs work well, which are often found on modern artists. With the help of the right lighting, paintings look more appealing.

But art does not have to be limited to pictures. In spacious rooms there is often an area that remains unused. It is a good idea to set up a sculpture here. However, it must have a suitable distance from the wall so that it can develop its effect. It is a good idea to try out several positions and look at them from a distance and from several angles. Anyone who buys a high-quality sculpture from an artist or in a gallery can also ask there if help is possible with the installation. Thanks to the trained eye of the professional, it is generally quicker to find the right position. A light source in the immediate vicinity should not be missing to illuminate the statue.

The Berlin real estate agent shows that furnishing an apartment with a large living space can be quite demanding, who held a design competition in 2013. 40 designers took part and made suggestions on how to furnish a 213 square meter apartment in the LUX. The competition showed that different styles can be used and still achieve a coherent image.