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Classy and calming: dark blue is the new trend color for the home

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Black is an immortal classic that never goes out of style. But fashion designers and interior designers agree: dark blue is the new black. The royal color creates a secure and calm feeling of space and ensures an unobtrusive elegance.

It all started on the catwalk

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At first, dark blue became the trend color in fashion. While rich black has long been the universal fashion all-rounder for all occasions, fashion icons began to replace the dark companion with deep blue tones. At the Paris Fashion Week 2017, the designer Maria Grazia Chiuri showed in her new Dior collection how elegant navy blue looks in all its facets. Deep blue tones were also very prominent during the Berlin Fashion Week. At his “Luz de la Luna” show, star designer Guido Maria Kretschmer, in cooperation with online retailer Otto, presented fashion and interior together on the catwalk for the first time. His latest designs shone in beautiful colors such as ink blue, petrol, gold and purple. The best thing about it: The prices of the designer pieces are really moderate and the collection is now exclusively available through mail order companies. By the way, if you want to save a little money when shopping online, you can use an Otto discount code. Our favorites include the cozy Chesterfield sofa “Kalina”, the armchair “Salla” and the series “Viola”.

Effect of the trend color dark blue

Dark blue anthracite effect bed linen

Deep blue tones have a secret character and are magical. Dark blue is associated with the boundless night sky and the depth of the sea. It stands for the unconscious, the dream of freedom and infinite space. At the same time, the color also embodies sovereignty, loyalty and inner strength.

Dark blue has a calming effect and gives a feeling of security. Due to the relaxing effect, dark blue tones are perfect for the bedroom, bathroom and all rooms where you want to get away from everyday life and leave the stress behind.

What colors go with dark blue?

Dark brown goes well with light wood and anthracite

Midnight blue is less dramatic than black, but works just as well with all colors. To create a harmonious color concept, you can use a main color, a contrasting color and secondary colors. The colors white and gray are often used as contrasting colors to dark blue. But also anthracite and brown can occasionally be used. It depends on what effect you want to create in the room. For a real luxury ambience, choose a combination with burgundy red, emerald green and aubergine. With light wood and stone gray, on the other hand, a fresh, modern look can be created.

Use dark blue stylishly in the interior

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As a wall color, night blue gives the room a magical depth and creates a feeling of security. In front of dark blue, colored and patterned accessories also come into their own. In the living room, however, you should use the deep blue tone sparingly so that the room does not look too gloomy. A blue velvet sofa, for example, can be a real eye-catcher. It combines two trendy elements: velvet and blue. The soft, shiny velvet also highlights the brilliant opulence of the new trend color.

Warm metal tones create a warm atmosphere

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Dark blue goes particularly well with warm metallic tones such as gold and brass as well as with materials such as natural wood and glass. With shiny accessories such as vases, candle holders and lights, special accents can be conjured up in the room in no time at all. Dark blue in combination with silver, on the other hand, is reminiscent of a wonderful night under a full moon. Experimenting with decoration and home accessories is wonderfully uncomplicated! By the way, if you have discovered the perfect piece in one of your favorite shops, find out whether there is currently an interesting one Discount promotion at runs. So you can quickly join the new trend and save money at the same time!

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