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Choose a fixed or mobile partition? – 28 individual room solutions

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Partitions and room dividers are a good solution for the design of living spaces and workplaces. In most cases, the living situations require a large dose of creativity in design and flexibility in use. These requirements are met by modern room partition systems, which can also be found in an almost unlimited variety of designs. Then the question arises, “Should I have a fixed or rather one mobile partition choose? ”Both variants have their advantages, which we would like to briefly explain to you.

A mobile partition wall for a space that is well worth seeing

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Partition wall and cabinet systems contribute to the intelligent organization and clear design of rooms. Depending on the spatial conditions, different system variants such as sliding door systems that replace the classic framed door and interpret them in a modern way can be used. The design is a matter of taste, however. Special structural elements give the mobile partition wall the necessary stability. The contemporary manufacturing processes allow the use of numerous colors and decors in many different surface finishes. Mobile partitions are products that can be easily adapted to any room and living situation thanks to their independence from walls and ceilings. This opens up the possibility of restructuring or relocation.

Fixed partition offers storage space

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The solid partition wall remains optically discreet in the background. A classic in children’s and teenagers’ rooms is the custom-fit wardrobe or shelving system that offers sufficient storage space and a comfortable workplace. Inside even a spacious cloakroom fits and makes an attractive room divider. The spatial installation offers more storage space solutions for both the office and the living area than the mobile partition. The system can be used room-high as a partition or sliding wall or independent of the ceiling. Its construction and materials are suitable for individual interior design. Room dividers that are flush with the ceiling and floor can of course also screen out noises and smells.

Partition made of wood

mobile partition wall attractive wood strips pattern chairs tropical style

Modern, mobile partition

mobile partition wall modern matt plastic office idea

Partition wall room divider 

Filigree partition wall flower pattern room divider ideas design

Mobile partition

filigree partition wall room design ideas systems-BAAN design

 Glass partition creates transparency and a generous feeling of space

matt glass partition-filigree-paravent ideas room areas

Room dividers meet a high standard of design and individuality

Partition wall design living ideas room sliding door system-Grace HomeDesign

Cabinet systems as room dividers

Cabinet systems Mobile rotary axis Partition wall Work surface

Solid and robust made of wood

chic room divider partition wall elements solid wood design

Design-oriented partition

Partition wall functionality design adaptable living room

Filigree screen

Fixed partition white carved design ideas Kimberley-Seldon Group

Partition wall design made of bamboo wood – define areas of life

Bathroom mobile partition system-bamboo rods screen ideas

Chic and easy-to-assemble partition wall elements

practical space solution-dividing element with shelves filigree

Partition wall systems – elegant and functional

Mobile bathroom partition White Black wall paint

Build a partition wall

Build your own wood paravent partition wall

Mobile partition wall offers a high degree of functionality and adaptability

Floor-to-ceiling partition made of wood elements-vertically transparent

Adaptable sliding door system

Room divider matt glass bedroom design pendant lights

Wood screen partition build steel stair railing

fixed partition wall shelves storage space wood cabinet doors

mobile partition wall for ideas that are well worth seeing

Bedroom partition swivel-elegant functional design Elif kinikoglu interiors

staircase steel staircase partition wall system Transparency - a generous feeling of space

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Partition wall systems ideas room divider fabric-red transparency-living room

Partition wall system shelves integrated floor lamp metal living ideas

Room divider wood fixed partition wall-intelligent organization