Interior design

Chic penthouse with a minimalist interior design

White splendor and baroque elements


“Schreiber Penthouse” project is an excellent one Penthouse with a minimalist interior design and baroque elements. The chic apartment is located in New York and looks like a royal residence in the big metropolis. The classic harmonizes with the retro style. The modern with the royal splendor. The modern one Penthouse with minimalist interior design leaves the impression that sometimes you can’t just judge something from the outside.

Penthouse with minimalist interior design and baroque elements


The people behind creating this modern penthouse with minimalist interior design are the teams of both Metropolitan United Studio  and PLLC Interior Studio. They have combined their talents and resources to successfully present a beautiful minimalist apartment. They filled the apartment with luxury decors, created with expensive and high quality materials. And then shared this beauty and breathtaking interior design with the audience.

modern white penthouse with minimalist interior design

modern-white-apartment-baroque elements

Marble, glass, crystal and steel are the most important materials for the ceiling, floor, furniture and decors in the spectacular Penthouse with a minimalist interior design. Their shiny and solid surfaces influence the splendor of the noble, or at least high society, lifestyle. White, cream and beige nuances are used for the walls. The floor and the furniture are adorned with gold and silver ornaments.

modern white apartment with baroque elements


The only dark premise in this modern one Penthouse with a minimalist interior design is the bathroom. The elegant black ceramic wall tiles are coordinated with the luxury handles, the simple mirror and the minimalist white sink. The bathroom is the strongest element in this minimalist apartment. Minimalism as a style here is extremely intrusive. But the baroque chandeliers and the breathtaking marble slabs in the other rooms make the balance perfect.


 white minimalist interior design


white minimalist home office


minimalist interior by Metropolitan United Studio


all white bedroom


black bathroom design