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Carpet under the dining table? So choose size, material and colors

Carpet under the dining table rectangular turquoise with washes

Finding a practical and stylish rug for the dining area is no easy task. Many consider the carpet under the dining table to be impractical. But a beautiful rug can add color, texture, warmth and style to any room and is well worth the effort. In addition to the right size, the material also plays a decisive role when choosing a carpet. If crumbs fall off the table, they can hardly be seen in a long-pile carpet, for example. Read on to find out what would make sense for a rug under the dining table.

Carpet under the dining table – yes or no?

light carpet under dining table patterned wood white combination dining furniture

Many people wonder whether a carpet under the dining table is even needed. That flooring in a room where something is constantly falling and spilling might seem impractical at first glance. In addition to wiping the floor, there is also cleaning of the carpet. Here, however, we will list a few reasons that speak FOR a carpet under the dining table:

  • A carpet ensures warm feet and makes the room more homely. It muffles the footfall noise and noises of the neighbors from below.
  • A rug can help divide a large room into smaller areas. It is mostly used to visually separate the dining area from the rest of the room.
  • If the floor is worn out and for some reason a renovation isn’t coming soon, you can cover up unsightly flaws with a carpet.
  • The carpet protects the floor surface from damage. This avoids scratches from table and chair legs in the parquet.
  • A carpet sets highlights and has a decorative effect.

How big should the carpet under the dining table be?

like big carpet under dining table rectangular view from above

With a dining room carpet you should calculate at least 50 – 60 cm on all sides. This way you have enough space to pull a chair away from the table and push it back up again without bumping over the edge of the carpet. To determine the correct carpet size, measure your dining table, add two inches or more on each side, and mark the area with painter’s tape directly on the floor. Pay attention to how the marked areas match your other dining room furniture (sideboard, sofa).

Carpet tiles offer numerous creative possibilities

Carpet tiles yellow concrete floor polished metal chairs

Unlike carpets, carpet tiles do not necessarily have to be glued to the sub-floor. These are available in any size and shape and offer a wide range of color and design combinations. What Makes Carpet Tile a Smart Choice for the Dining Area? Should a carpet tile be damaged or heavily soiled, you can replace it individually without buying a completely new carpet.

No deep-pile carpet under the dining table please!

easy-care carpet under the dining table polyester blue-gray rectangular

It is best to choose a flat-weave or short-pile rug for the dining area. These variants are particularly practical because soiling from food and drinks is usually unavoidable in the dining room. You can also move the chairs more easily on it. Put oriental and other thick, fluffy carpets in the living room where they will require less cleaning and maintenance.

Carpet under the dining table like large striped gray cream

Choose easy-care materials. Undyed natural fiber carpets (cotton, jute, sisal and coconut) and synthetic synthetic fiber carpets (made of propylene, polyamide, polyacrylic) are particularly popular..

Wool is a natural, hygienic and durable material. Corded wool carpets are soft, warm and cozy and have excellent soundproofing properties. A disadvantage that can be mentioned is that such carpets absorb moisture easily (which means that stains from spilled liquids are harder to clean) and take a long time to dry.

Carpet under dining table wooden floor laminate rectangular patterned white dining furniture

Polyesters are fibers of synthetic origin that have excellent properties in terms of appearance and robustness. Synthetic fiber carpets are durable, easy to clean, and resistant to dirt and mold. Stains are usually easy to remove. Only grease stains can stay forever if not treated right away. Another disadvantage is that polyester fibers deform easily under the influence of heat.

Spisal carpet under the dining table, Scandinavian furniture

With an affordable price point, great texture, and classic look, natural fiber carpets – including sisal, jute, and seaweed – have a lot going for them. But while natural fibers like cotton and wool are easy to clean, these natural materials can prove to be trickier. The key lies in the structure of the carpet. The finer and smoother the carpet, the easier it is to clean. On the other hand, it can be almost impossible to remove food scraps and stains from really coarsely woven natural fiber carpets.

Carpet wool natural gray patterned kitchen-living room light wood white

Adjust the shape of the carpet to the shape of the room. Do you have a square dining room? Try a square or round rug. Rectangular room? Use a rectangular rug. This simple trick creates a pleasant feeling of space.

sisal carpet under the dining table round easy-care wood gray

Adjust the shape of the carpet to the shape of the table. Round dining tables look great in combination with round or square carpets. Rectangular and oval dining tables go well with rectangular carpets. A square or round rug is suitable for a square dining table.

light carpet washable wool natural Scandinavian modern gray dining chairs

Avoid light shades. A cream-colored carpet looks nice on a dark wooden floor, but it takes a lot of care. Because of its light color, it easily shows dirt and stains. However, these cannot be seen with the naked eye on a patterned, colorful carpet.

colorful carpet under dining table rectangular stripe look white chairs

If you want to redecorate the dining room, you can use the carpet as a starting point for decoration. This applies, for example, if the carpet is one of your first purchases for your new home. This can be used to develop a uniform color scheme for the entire room. Choose the lightest color from the carpet to use as the wall color, or add accents with a bold shade. You can repeat it on the chair cushions or the works of art, for example.

large light gray carpet under the dining table for 12 people

If you want to add some variety to your own four walls, you can buy a new carpet. Look at the bigger picture and consider the dining room carpet as a missing piece of the puzzle. Which colors and patterns dominate the room? Take a look at the dining room chairs, dining table, lights, flooring, and wall colors. If you have an open floor plan, what other carpets are you already using in the room? The new carpet should of course match these other parts.

like wide carpet under dining table chairs bench combination country style

Carpet under the dining table patterned blue beige large

Carpet under dining table gray white Scandinavian leather chairs

Gray easy-care carpet under the dark wood dining table

Sisal rug under dining table rectangular white kitchen

Sisal rug rectangular Scandinavian kitchen light gray

Cowhide rug under solid wood dining table white chairs Scandinavian modern

cowhide carpet under the dining table bright kitchen unit black and white bar counter

Cowhide rug under dining table furnishings in black and white

Light carpet under the dining table washable, Scandinavian modern furnishings

light carpet under dining table country style

colorful carpet in patchwork look dark wooden floor