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Carefully choose the perfect wardrobe for the bedroom

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He is rarely there for you, makes you desperate and your relationship with him can best be described as “My closet and enemy”. That certainly doesn’t sound like that perfect wardrobe for you at …

Of the perfect wardrobe for the bedroom

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There is never enough space for all your clothes and you can’t find what you need most. It’s like he’s deliberately hiding the black skirt in one of his darkest corners. It’s almost never big enough and there’s always something missing. Until one fine day you decide to give up the fight, because your clothes and you too deserve a nice, large wardrobe. Easier said than done. Let’s say your bedroom is big enough and that perfect wardrobe can be easily placed there, because only a few have this luck. But even if you have to orientate yourself by space, the most important thing is to find the right wardrobe that meets your real wants and needs. To do this, you need to be clear about what you are looking for before buying. Sketch your perfect wardrobe, whether on paper or in your mind. Such one that suits you exactly. To do this, take everything that should fit in the new wardrobe out of the old one. Take a good look through everything and estimate how much hanging space you will need. Don’t forget to plan space for your coats and costumes. Because you will agree that it doesn’t look pleasant when your beautiful coat hangs half-folded in the closet. The same goes for your official dresses, of course. They are now given a special place in the closet. There are several ways to get such a space. You can use a moveable clothes rail that you can raise or lower as you wish. So you have the possibility to use the entire height of the wardrobe. Furthermore, you can divide the cabinet into several parts, for example to have a higher middle part and two lower parts.

The perfect wardrobe has shelves and drawers

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Of the perfect wardrobe needs some thought. The shelves in the wardrobe are also important. Think carefully how many you need and how big they need to be so that you can organize all your clothes properly. Deep shelves, where the clothes are arranged in two rows, are rather uncomfortable because the back row is difficult to reach and overlook. A few of them are suitable for stowing clothes from last season, but rather inappropriate for everyday needs. However, if you have no choice but to use deep shelves, we suggest using plastic boxes or baskets. So you still have an overview when pulling out. Something that should definitely not be missing are drawers. Whether they are hidden in the closet itself, or attached outside to freshen up the otherwise boring design of the wardrobe, depends entirely on your taste. Of course, you have to estimate the required number yourself, depending on how many things need to be in there.

The perfect wardrobe depends on your taste and needs

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A superstructure is a good idea to use the space up to the ceiling and a few more cupboards are always an advantage. There is always something to fill that extra storage space with. You can of course leave it out if you think it takes up too much of the room and makes the room look oppressive. A corner cabinet, in turn, saves space and is an interesting accent of the interior design in the room. If you have not yet decided between a wardrobe and a chest of drawers and you don’t have space for both, simply choose a model that has a chest of drawers with a mirror in the middle. Of the perfect wardrobe is already there – a chest of drawers and a dressing table in one. And finally the doors. Roller doors are perhaps the most original variant and save space. If you also use mirrored doors, you add a very special ambience to your bedroom.

The perfect wardrobe should be tailored to your needs

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Many different, ready-made wardrobes are available in stores, as well as individual modules that you can combine individually. Once you have a clear idea of ​​your closet, you will surely find the right one quickly. Of the perfect wardrobe can be made especially for you. Most importantly, you ultimately have an interesting and practical bedroom interior that perfectly suits your needs.

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