Interior design

Café with bookstore with an attractive design of a variety of styles

cafe bookstore original reading corners upholstery gray honeycomb design

Today we would like to introduce you to an original café. Located in Medellín, Colombia, it is also a bookstore. This enables customers to read a freshly bought book over a fresh coffee or dessert. In order to ensure the greatest possible comfort, the Café with a bookshop interesting design ideas implemented.

Café with bookstore – a mix of chairs

cafe with bookstore vertical garden artificial plants tables ceiling design

On the one hand, nature was brought directly into the room in the café with bookstore. This is served by a lavishly designed wall with a vertical garden made of artificial plants, on which there are also comfortably upholstered benches in gray. In general, the seats have different styles and designs. There are retro chairs in the Eames style, which are also popular for the Nordic style. There are also wooden chairs with colorful frames, but also upholstered armchairs with colorful, geometric or romantic patterns. In this way, customers and guests in the café with bookstore are offered a certain variety in which they can choose depending on their mood.

Café with bookstore – vertical garden made of artificial plants

cafe with bookstore wall plants ceiling wooden boards eames chair

Overall, the café with bookstore is made up of light colors. The bar, for example, has white wooden wall cladding, which is spiced up by many colored pendant lights. The books are displayed on different shelves and wooden boards that appear to be floating create an original ceiling design. The design was created and implemented by Plasma Nodo.

Café with benches made of gray upholstery

cafe with bookstore bench seat gray upholstery shelf lightbulbs lamps

Book shelves in abstract shapes

cafe with bookstore bookshelf abstract design wall cladding wood

Decoration in the café with pendant lights in retro style

cafe bookstore pictures white colorful pendant lights interior modern

The café ladders are reminiscent of a library

cafe bookstore head library sitting area literature furnishings scandinavian

Reading for children in the bookstore

cafe bookstore textile chairs romantic lamps light blue red laminate

Café with bookshop – seating area and sliding bookshelves

cafe bookstore floor design floral motifs colombia idea

Original ceiling design in the café

cafe bookstore bar counter wall covering white ceiling original

cafe bookstore armchair leather brown bookshelf shakespeare mural

cafe bookstore wall panels white bar area desserts retro lamps

cafe bookstore coffee dessert cake interior bright idea

cafe bookstore glass wall shelves idea dining table flowerpot red chair wood

cafe with bookstore entrance door shelf books pendant light wood

cafe with bookstore entrance harry potter theme window stairs

Design by Plasma Nodo.