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Buy fabrics – top 15 shops for yard goods and home textiles

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You want home textiles or Buy fabrics? We give you an overview of the top 15 shops for yard goods and show you the collections of three fine fabric brands. let yourself be inspired!

Buy fabrics – the top German shops

Fabrics online can be found in a wide range of curtains

Would you like to buy fabrics? Then you can choose between different brands and shops. But where can you find what is the quickest, and which shops specialize in handicraft materials, and which ones – specialize in sewing materials? We try to give you an overview of this:

  1. – Here you will find everything to do with handicrafts, including decorative fabrics and sewing accessories. We recommend the handicraft enthusiast – the colorful felt package.
  2. – here you will find a large selection of clothing fabrics – cotton, chiffon, clothing jacquard, linen, imitation leather are only part of the product range.
  3. – the online shop offers modern clothing fabrics and home textiles in Scandinavian style. We recommend – the decorative fabrics with prints. It is perfect for sewing pillowcases. Speaking of sewing – sewing patterns are also sold.
  4. – Are you looking for new clothing fabrics from renowned manufacturers? Here you will find a wide selection of the top German brands such as Farbenmix, Veno or Robert Kaufmann.
  5. – offers the possibility to buy fabrics from Great Britain or the USA. The supplier scores above all with a large selection of modern patterns and colors.

Buy fabrics – something for everyone

Buy fabrics sofa covers decorative cushions stylish trend

  1. – the special thing about fabrics Hermes are not the fabrics themselves, but the accessories – cutting books, buttons, decorative ribbons – they offer practically everything a sewing beginner could wish for.
  2. – At Dawanda you will also find a wide range / especially plain fabrics /. We recommend – the series of organic fabrics.
  3. – A large selection of fabrics, especially when it comes to children’s fabrics. If you are sewing a present yourself or would like to surprise the children for Christmas, then you have come to the right place.
  4. – Are you looking for curtain fabrics? You will definitely find them at Stoff4you – thermal fabrics, warm curtain fabrics, window curtains, over curtains and much more.
  5. – the site only offers fabrics made from natural fibers. A large selection of fabrics is certified accordingly and guarantees that the fibers are exposed to as little chemical substances as possible.
  6. – A wide range of products is offered here – home textiles for every taste are available.
  7. – stylish home textiles in modern colors can be found at Bonprix.
  8. – At Möbelkraft you will find upholstery fabrics with which you can spice up your old furniture.
  9. – here you will find a wide selection of home textiles. We recommend – the flannel bed linen.
  10. – At Poco you will find fabrics and home textiles at reasonable prices / and at the same time good quality /. It is definitely worth stopping by – they really know their way around home textiles.

Decorative fabrics and home textiles – German and foreign shops and suppliers

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And if you want something special for Christmas or just want to bring joy to your family – then we recommend three international companies. They have long been known around the world for their high-quality fabrics and living areas. At Sahco, Moroso, Rubelli and NinaCampbell you will find exclusive and high-quality decorative fabrics. For inspiration, we add some suggestions from renowned companies.

Decorative fabrics for connoisseurs – the Nina Campbell collection

Fabrics Decorative pillows, curtains, floral pattern, roses

Modern home textiles decorated with natural motifs

Fabrics, decorative pillow cases, craft fabrics, upholstery fabrics

 Stylish decorative pillows with stripes and checked patterns

Fabrics Decorative pillows Fabric wallpapers Home textiles

 Nature motifs in the living room – elegant curtains

Fabrics buy home textiles curtains

 Stripe patterns are trendy

Fabrics manufacturer attractive modern stripe patterns

Attach fabric wallpaper to the wall

Find fabrics online Textile wallpaper Cushion cover Sofa upholstery

Buy fabrics Clothing fabrics pattern modern

Buy fabrics, decorative pillows, craft ideas shops online

The Moroso home textile collection:

Fabrics gray pink fabrics home textiles online

Fabrics, duvets, fur fabrics, motifs, patterns, modern

Buy fabrics fine decorative fabrics, pillow covers, cotton blankets

 Rubelli developed a collection for Armani Home

Fabrics, home textiles, sofa cover, nature motifs

Fabrics Paravent Fabrics Deco Cushions Pattern Armani

Fabrics decorative pillows bedspread gold classic pattern

Fabrics Paravent Roller Blinds Cushion Covers Sofa Upholstery

Fabrics fine decorative pillowcases satin home textiles

Fabrics Top German Online Shops Fine Brands

Fabrics, sofa covers, home textiles, satin decorative pillowcases