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Building shelves around the corner – 12 examples of floating corner shelves

Build shelves around the corner -examples-ideas-modern

The spatial conditions play an essential role in the establishment. No room is like the other and you should often adapt furniture and decoration to the existing room situation. If the tangled cables in the living room are hidden behind a wall, the floor plan of the room is also changed. So that the resulting edges and corners do not become a thorn in the side, you can use them functionally and floating Build shelves around the corner. This creates more storage space for picture frames, books and decorative objects. Take inspiration from the examples in the article!

Build shelves around the corner and create more storage space

Shelves-corner-build-around-white-high-gloss lacquer-black-dividers

The color duo black and white remains classic and timeless and can be perfectly combined with a dark wooden floor. The black, vertically mounted panels serve as bookends and decorative objects at the same time. Thanks to the white color, the boundaries where the horizontal boards meet are barely noticeable.

Build shelves around the corner

Build shelves around the corner living room-black-books-decoration

In the second example, the colors are used differently: black shelves and white dividers. Since the wall is also painted white, it creates an interesting effect for free-floating wall shelves.

floating wall shelves

Build shelves around the corner living room-tv-bedroom-dressing table

Free-floating shelves, attached to the wall without visible fittings, are a particularly elegant way to display decorative items and photos. Whether as a TV shelf or storage space in the study, wall shelves cut a slim figure everywhere.

Wall shelves as a connecting element

Shelves around the corner build bookshelves-white-living room

If you build shelves around the corner, then you can visually unite two areas in the room. For example, when the shelf starts in the hallway and ends in the living room or bedroom. Make sure, however, that you need space for it, because you don’t want to hit the edges in a narrow hallway.

IKEA EKBY wall shelves


Free-floating hanging shelves that are specially shaped are best installed by a professional. If you want to build shelving around the corner yourself, then IKEA offers a simple solution. You can achieve the same effect with EKBY shelf and matching wall brackets. Make sure that the ends meet exactly at the corner.

Wood wall shelves


If you have decided on a large shelving system, you can also experiment with the arrangement of the individual elements. Where should the beginning and the end of the shelf be?

This corner shelf gets its character not only from the smooth transition of the boards, but also from the beautiful wood material.

Buy finished wall shelves


Corner shelves can also be bought ready-made. The shelf pictured above is called Franklin and is designed by Tronk Design. You can choose between three different types of wood: oak, church or walnut.

Gray wall paint emphasizes the warm wood tone


If you want to put the wall shelves in the limelight, choose a contrasting color for the wall. If the shelves are made of light wood, stone gray is perfect.

Wall shelves around the corner in the eat-in kitchen with counter


Open kitchen shelves loosen up closed cupboards and make the room appear larger and more airy. Open shelves are a dust catcher, so it’s best to store things there that you use frequently and that you clean regularly anyway, such as cups and plates.

Storage space for the kitchen island


Kitchen islands nowadays offer enough storage space for all pots, pans and other cooking utensils. Everything closed behind cabinet doors, so that the room looks nice and tidy. But if you still have space for a few decorative items, you can put shelves around the corner of the island.

Glass wall as a backdrop


You can also add an individual touch to the living room with open shelves, but don’t overdo it. A couple of vases and maybe two or three other decorative items – that’s all you need.