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Building a wine cellar and designing it in a modern way – 33 tips and design ideas

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Wine connoisseurs and lovers of the drink will certainly find a special room in their own house, where you can taste and enjoy different varieties, as a real enrichment. The dream of a perfect wine storage can be realized if a suitable space is available. Room temperature, humidity and lighting conditions directly influence the storage of wine. How to make your own Build a wine cellar should and can furnish it aesthetically, we reveal in the following.

Building and furnishing your own wine cellar – tips

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Keeping the wine collection always present and tidy, including finding the right type of wine for the meal and having it at hand, is a luxury that will delight not only sommeliers but also wine lovers. In addition to sufficient space, you should acquire a little knowledge in order to be able to objectively assess conditions and prerequisites, namely a little prior knowledge is required.

Build a wine cellar – vaulted ceiling for an authentic touch

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Wine cellars are always characterized by a typical atmosphere that the wine bottles themselves bring with them. The history of wine covers a period of centuries, was and is still stored and partly produced in the same way. It is worth keeping this authenticity. This ensures an atmosphere that is not only good for the wine, but also enables pure enjoyment.

Building a wine cellar – from very simple means to luxury equipment

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In addition to sufficient space in your own house, your own wine cellar requires specific equipment. But it doesn’t always have to be luxurious. The optimal storage space, which has the required climatic conditions, can be functionally designed with very simple means so that the good drops can be reasonably put together.

Building a wine cellar – important prerequisites

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Essentially, enough space is needed to set up a wine cellar. The room should either not be far away from the rest of the living rooms or be planned quite generously so that you can receive your guests there later. This should preferably be in the basement.

Build a wine cellar – suitable lighting conditions

Suitable lighting conditions -modern-design-natural stone-indirect-lighting

Cellars are best for storing wine, which is where the name comes from. It is precisely these that offer the perfect lighting conditions – no light at all. The rays of the sun are the natural enemy of wine, which is why a room without windows would be the best prerequisite for furnishing a wine cellar.

Build a wine cellar, but still illuminate it

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The wine bottles must not be exposed directly to daylight, but that does not mean that they have to do without harmonious lighting. It is advisable to choose lamps that do not illuminate the bottles directly, but the wine shelves. Thus, the wine collection is properly staged, but at the same time the good drops do not fall directly under the radiation.

When building a wine cellar, pay attention to light and temperature


In order for the wine not to lose its quality, the correct temperature is of great importance. The optimum is 10 to 15 degrees Celsius. In addition, one must pay attention to how the wine bottles are stored exactly. Special wine racks are intended for this purpose.

Build a wine cellar and furnish it with suitable wine racks


The wine bottles do not have to be shaken, at least not permanently. In order to reduce the minor vibrations as much as possible, these specially designed wine racks. There are some made of wood, metal or stone and can be expanded as modules.

Build optimal conditions around a wine cellar – humidity


In addition to the correct temperature, it is important that the room has an optimal humidity of around 70%. The installation of an air conditioning system ensures these conditions in the long term, but refrigerators and air conditioning cabinets are still another way of optimizing the space. In order to monitor the values ​​of temperature, humidity and others, it is advisable to equip the room with a temperature station with humidity and temperature display.

Wine refrigerator in the Vienna cellar for special types of wine


If the wine cellar also serves as a tasting room, seating can be integrated and arranged in comfortable seating groups. It is of great value to offer the furniture a good level of comfort so that you can rely on pure enjoyment in a harmonious atmosphere.

Wine cabinet in the living room or wine cellar with tasting room

wine-cellar-building-modern-design-wine-cabinet-lighting-living room

If the wine cellar also serves as a tasting room, seating can be integrated and arranged in comfortable seating groups. It is of great value to offer the furniture a good level of comfort so that you can rely on pure enjoyment in a harmonious atmosphere.

Christmas cabinets and wine coolers – what’s the difference?

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Although the two terms are too often confused with each other, a wine refrigerator differs from a wine climate cabinet in that it is usually only used for temporary storage. The wine is stored for a relatively short time and should be tasted here soon.

Build a wine climate cabinet, wine storage cabinet or wine cellar

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Essentially, the three terms: wine storage cabinet, wine climate cabinet and wine cellar always mean the same thing, only the size of the system is variable. These are designed for long-term storage of the Vienna property and meet the highest demands in terms of preservation.

 Storage of different spirits

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If it is intended that not only wines but also other spirits are stored in the intended storage smoke, optimal storage should be offered for each type. The available space must be subdivided and tailored to the needs of the individual types of drink.

Wine cabinet in the kitchen – glass wine cellar


For particularly valuable types of wine, it is advisable to have a wine climate cabinet or entire wine chamber built into the Wienkeller. These can be made to measure by a specialist.

Store different types of wine correctly


In addition, the temperature at which the good drops can be enjoyed differs depending on the variety. Wine connoisseurs recommend a storage temperature between 15-18 degrees for red and port wines. White wines are usually consumed a little chilled – 11-14 ° C, as well as champagne. Sherries, on the other hand, are generally stored upright and like a temperature of 18 degrees.

What is the wine cellar actually built for?

wine-cellar-building-modern-design-wine-cellar-wine-rack-glass wall

Anyone who wants to give the traditional wine cellar a modern design opts for a system made of glass. This is a storage system that, thanks to modern technology, displays the wine effectively and keeps it locked.

Build a wine cellar and achieve a minimalist aesthetic

wine-cellar-building-modern-design-wine-cellar-glazing-glass wall

A different aesthetic is required for a system for wine storage that is not separated in another room, but is integrated in the living room, kitchen or even in the living room. In this case, the wine warehouse should be made small but fine.

Integrate a representative wine storage system in the living space


Thanks to its transparency, glass is more multifaceted than any other material. Combined with sustainable metal, such as steel or aluminum, the result is a harmonious appearance of the wine storage system that would stylishly fit any living environment.

Build a wine cellar out of glass


A wine cellar made of glass convinces with its noble and minimalist aesthetics. In addition, there are shelves and racks for Vienna bottles, which can be used in a versatile and space-saving manner. Thus, the Vienna collection can not only be presented aesthetically, but can also be tastefully integrated into the modern interior.

Building wine cellars and why humidity is so important?


The humidity in the cellar is of great importance due to the wine cork. If the humidity is below 60%, the cork will shrink, the bottles will leak and show a large amount of shrinkage. On the other hand, the closure is moldy at over 90%. But that only happens after 2-3 years of storage.

Building wine cellars and why temperature is so important for correct storage?


A constant temperature between 6 ° – 16 ° and a maximum of 20 ° C is desirable in the wine cellar. At higher temperatures, the alcohol evaporates and secondary fermentation takes place.

Storage of wine – wine cellar in an old or new building

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A cellar in an old building is naturally dark, cool and usually has a higher level of humidity compared to a new building. It only needs reasonable insulation so that outside temperature fluctuations do not affect the indoor climate. In addition, no heating pipes should run through the wine bottles.

Build a wine cellar and store Vienna properly – standing or horizontal?


Usually, as is customary, wine bottles are stored horizontally. This means that the wine cork does not dry out. In the case of aging wines, it is advisable to store the bottles upright. In this position the wine has little contact with oxygen and therefore matures more slowly and stays fresh longer.

Build a wine cellar and observe other conditions

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There are other conditions to consider if you want to get the best out of purchasing your own Wienkeller. Since the wine is very sensitive to external influences, you should make sure that the room is not right next to odor-intensive fruit, vegetables or even chemicals. Wine can permanently absorb odorous substances through the corks.

Store the wine properly


In addition, wine should not be stored near washing machines, pumps and heating systems, as these systems cause vibrations and shake the wine.

Storing wine – why corks?


Even with the Romans, wine was closed with corks. Because of its elasticity and breathability, corks have long been regarded as the ideal closure for wine bottles. On the other hand, the material needs a certain amount of moisture so that it can demonstrate its properties and remain tight. It can also influence the taste of Vienna to a certain extent.

Storing wine – alternative closures

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As an alternative to wine corks, there are also closures made of glass or plastic. The first are very dense, have a neutral taste, but are still quite expensive and are mainly used in pharmacies. Plastic corks are becoming increasingly popular, and not without reason. They are cheap, do not affect the taste of wine, but are very skeptical of consumers.

 Build your own wine cellar

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