Interior design

Black leather couch and coffee table as contrasting furnishings

black leather couch living room-furnishing-idea-vertical-garden-modern

Modern and minimalist houses are increasingly decorating residential areas and are quickly becoming eye-catchers in the neighborhood. This includes this design by Park + Associates, which was completed in Singapore in 2014. Modern furnishings and natural elements adorn the interior of the house in order to create a comfortable atmosphere that is in harmony with the modern furnishings. This also includes one black leather couch, that attracts attention in the living room.

Black leather couch with coffee table

black leather couch living area-carpet-brown-window fronts-leather-coffee table

The black leather couch is combined with a matching coffee table. This is also made of black leather. Black leather chairs were chosen to go with this and complete the seating area in the living room. Also worth mentioning is the attractive vertical garden that adorns the wall behind the lowboard. It not only brings nature into the house, but also provides a colorful accent.

Black leather couch in the living room

black leather couch dining area-dining table-kitchen-minimalist-wall cladding-wood

The black leather couch is in the living room, which is separated from the kitchen with dining area by another natural element. It’s an attractive pond located under the modern spiral staircase. The black dining table stands directly between the pond and the kitchen, so that you can listen to the splashing of the water while you are eating.

Black, white and wood

black leather couch pond-stairs-spiral-staircase-white-wood-decorative gravel

The main colors in this house are white and wood. These are complemented by some black accents here and there, including the black leather couch. Gray elements are also not uncommon. This includes both concrete and tiles made of natural stone or decorative gravel. These materials decorate the pond indoors, among other things.

Modern spiral staircase


While the black leather couch and the vertical garden in the living room provide a variety of colors, the rest of the rooms are designed rather neutrally. This also applies to the spiral staircase, stair areas and hallways. These form three floors, where the whole family with children can let off steam and feel good.

Black accents in the bathroom


The modern bathroom is very large and spacious. It consists of light gray and white paint and a few black accents. The black leather couch is not the only dark element in the interior. High-gloss tiles and marble consoles transform the bathroom into a bright, elegant room in which you can relax perfectly.

Black leather couch – concrete as the material


What would a minimalist house be if there were no concrete surfaces? These are not missing in this house either and can be found in the entrance area outside and under a roof. Like the black leather couch, the relatively dark concrete also creates an interesting contrast in the middle of the white wall design.

Modern garden design


In front of the entrance there is a white pergola with a modern design that serves as a roof. Like the house, the garden has a minimalist interior. Symmetrical garden paths, decorative gravel and the use of natural stone tiles create an elegant front garden that is a pleasure to be in. The interior lighting of the house is largely responsible for the correct lighting.

Large windows

black-leather-couch-minimalist-house-white-design-bench-natural stone

From the front garden, the interior design of the house can be wonderfully viewed thanks to the large window fronts. A wide wooden path then leads to a terrace. The idea that a conifer would appear to grow into the house is also very interesting. It grows through a kind of open glass box, which also protects the house from strong winds.

Minimalist architecture


The white house is a real eye-catcher and the dream of everyone who prefers modern architecture and interior design. Wood, concrete and steel were used as materials for house construction. The Greja house is inviting and guarantees the owners perfect living comfort and luxury for many years to come.

Design by Park + Associates.