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Before and after renovation and modernization of an apartment in Canada

Before and after renovation modern-bright-white

After a certain time, the furnishings in every apartment become outdated and you should think about a renovation. Not only can the furniture be replaced, but the interior can also be completely embellished. We present a great example of a before-and-after renovation of an apartment in Montreal, Canada in this article.

It is the house of a couple whose children have grown up and moved out. Instead of moving to a smaller apartment, the residents have decided to modernize their own home. Since various events and family celebrations often take place in the house, the homeowners wanted to renovate the living area with kitchen. In addition, they have decided to modernize the bedroom and the bathroom that goes with it. Interior designer Catlin Stothers designed the interior design project. You can take a closer look at the before and after renovation in pictures below.


Upon entering the apartment one arrives in the hallway, which welcomes you with a built-in wardrobe with glass doors. Before the renovation, this area was really dark, with old fashioned furniture and an outdated look. After the renovation, however, things look very different.


The old-fashioned built-in wardrobe has been replaced by a wall unit with white lacquered fronts, which have a simple, modern design. The middle part, which is painted black and designed with built-in lighting, forms a contrast. Various works of art can be exhibited and beautifully presented there. Furthermore, the walls in the hallway are painted bright white so that the room no longer appears dark, but rather particularly bright.


As in the entrance area, the interior of the kitchen and dining area was very dark and old-fashioned. With the kitchen moved to the garage in the late 1980s, the room only had a small window. That is why the lighting with some built-in spots was completely inadequate for the area with dark wooden kitchen fronts.


The new, renovated kitchen with dining area looks completely different. The room is bright and inviting and visually appears to be larger. This is due to the new window in the dining area that lets natural light into the room. It is designed like a comfortable window sill that offers additional seating at the table. The white color for the walls, the ceiling and the cabinet fronts, which reflect the light and ensure a light-flooded interior, also contributes to the lighter interior design. These harmonize with the floor covering, which is laid with large, heated floor tiles in a concrete look. The only thing left from the original kitchen design is the teak dining table and chairs. They also inspired the new design of the kitchen.


The white kitchen cabinets are complemented by elements made of light wood, which contrast with the white lacquer and give the kitchen design a natural touch. With regard to the lighting, the designer has supplemented the recessed spots with additional individual spots in white on the ceiling. So the problem with insufficient light in the kitchen no longer exists at all.


The bedroom that the residents wanted to renovate is on the second floor. The room was enlarged by redesigning the entire floor plan. The bedroom is more spacious and brighter and has a library and a new, completely modernized bathroom. White and light wood are used for the furnishings and create a cozy and elegant interior design.


Just like the other rooms in the apartment, the bathroom was dark before the renovation and had an inconspicuous look. During the renovation, the bathroom has undergone a major change and already looks modern, bright and luxurious.


The completely remodeled bathroom no longer has a bathtub, but has a walk-in shower, separate toilet and plenty of space. The orange tiles have been replaced by noble marble tiles that look particularly high-quality in the bathroom. The windows to the left and right of the mirror flood the room with daylight and the white oak drawers harmonize with the sliding doors made of the same material.


The project for the before and after renovation and modernization is from Catlin Stothers Design designed.