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Bedroom interior in white – Apartment Vila Madalena

bedroom furnishings white closet idea modern romantic apartment design

The so-called Vila Madalena is a small apartment that is located in Sao Paolo. It has a size of only 77 square meters and is occupied by a young couple who have no children yet. The attractive design of modern furniture in natural tones and an attractive one Bedroom interior in white comes from Conseil Brasil. In addition to the neutral colors mentioned, there are also always interesting color accents that give the interior a fresh pep.

Bedroom interior in white – pretty wall design

bedroom furnishings white bedside cabinet flaps storage space idea light

The design of the apartment with bedroom furnishings in white was achieved through some renovation work. So the second bedroom that originally existed was added to the public living area to create a larger space. There is now space for a kitchen unit with a tiled mirror in a patchwork design, a dining area, the living room and even a small office.

Bedroom interior in white – indirect lighting

bedroom furnishings white wall design pictures sao paolo apartment

The bedroom furnishings in white are loosened up by some colorful accents. These colors can be found in a blanket and seat cushions. An iron wardrobe offers plenty of storage space, while the white blinds guarantee privacy. One of the bathrooms is also mainly decorated in white. Only the floor is designed in blue and has an interesting 3D tile design. The second bathroom of the apartment with bedroom furniture also looks extremely elegant thanks to the black color. The shower made of narrow tiles and a light floor is closed by a tinted glass door.

White blinds

Bedroom furnishings in white blinds lighting indirect bench

If you are now curious, you can take a look at the following picture gallery. There you can see more pictures from the rest of the interior of the apartment with bedroom furnishings in white. Convince yourself that a small living space does not necessarily only have to be associated with disadvantages, but can also appear extremely cozy and modern.

White bench

bedroom furnishings white seat cushions green blue nuances shelf

Built-in shelf in the bedroom and spacious wardrobe

bedroom furnishings white wardrobe bed blanket green

Living room furnishings

bedroom furnishings white wood accents colors curtains balcony

White side table next to gray couch

bedroom furnishing white gray sofa side table colorful accents

Furniture in white in the office area

bedroom furnishings white furniture modern patchwork air conditioning

Bedroom furnishings in white – open living area in natural tones

bedroom furnishings white home office shelf wood paneling wall design

bedroom furnishing white office idea desk red chair

bedroom furnishings white coffee table blue minimalist chair lounger tv

bedroom furnishing white living area interior open lounge

bedroom furnishings white dining table bench romantic style lamp

bedroom furnishing white wall unit idea modern lowboard shelf deco

bedroom furnishings white wall cladding brown wood black kitchen modern

bedroom furnishings white black kitchen cabinets dining table glass top

bedroom furnishings white tiled mirror gray patchwork modern

bedroom furnishings white glass table strips design pastel chairs mint

bedroom furnishings in white bathroom idea 3d tiles blue floor

bedroom furnishings in white washbasin bathroom shower glass

bedroom furnishings in white modern design bathroom idea toilet

bedroom furnishings in white black bathroom idea tinted glass door

bedroom furnishing white balcony design round table sliding door

bedroom furnishings white cupboard brown beverages refrigerator red

Design by Conseil Brasil.