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Bedroom furnishings – trends in furniture design 2013/2014

Duvet yellow knitted carpet round

The bedroom is perhaps the area in the house that has changed the least through the centuries. The ergonomic shape of the beds does not allow any experimentation with their construction. The dimensions and materials have hardly changed either. Nevertheless, the Bedroom furnishings Developed quickly in recent years – we will show you the latest trends in furniture design.

Bedroom furnishings – proportions and colors

Design stone wall gray wall sticker flowers

At first glance, the bed has retained its traditional shape. But the designers play with the details with great skill. The bed looks as if it is floating in the air and has a lightweight construction with an ergonomic, often oversized headboard. The modern beds are lower and mostly upholstered in leather or fabric. the Bedroom furnishings consists of bed, wardrobe and bedside tables. The tendency of the last few years to design a multifunctional living space can also be seen here – bookshelves, living accessories and decorative vases can often also be found in the bedroom. Satin, leather or linen are preferred fabrics for the upholstery of the headboard. Colors like white and black, beige, purple and red are currently in. Warm, natural nuances have a homely effect.

 Bedroom furnishings – multifunctional and comfortable

Bed bookcase strip wall

the Bedroom furnishings should be as comfortable as possible. Walk-in closets are a popular choice. The materials are natural – wood and wrought iron for the furniture, laminate flooring or floorboards. The carpet is stepping back, instead the carpet is back in fashion. The Italian brand Molteni do it yourself – here are some exciting suggestions from the classy brand.

Bedroom with cork wall

Cork wall bed design Italian furniture

Upholstered bed

Furnishing blue bed bedside table minimalist furniture

Neutral color scheme and open wall shelves

open shelving system neutral colors

Blue accents in the bedroom

Design blue decorative accents carpet

Beige-brown bedroom

brown wall design furniture design chest of drawers

White and red characterize the interior

Bedroom bed design modern art

Bed with an original headboard

Furniture bedroom bed design

White upholstered bed

modern bedroom set up gray white

Bed with oversized headboard

Bed headboard beige carpet

Wall shelves with books

Design bedroom set up interior

Bed with storage box

Wall sticker black white color

Black and white color scheme

Bedroom bed screen wall

minimalist white bedroom

Bedside table Shaggy rug dresser minimalist

Foldable headboard

tiltable design upholstery bedroom furniture