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Attractive wood ceiling in a minimalist home in Texas


Minimalist houses combine two things: the modern style of living with the rural flair. This is why they are so popular. We would like to introduce you to a great design that is characterized by many contemporary elements. But there is also an attractive one Wood ceiling in a modern design, which is reminiscent of the cozy living style and ensures cosiness in the midst of the many glass and concrete surfaces.

Wood ceiling indoors and outdoors

wood ceiling kitchen-steel-floor-modern-dark-terrace

The attractive house is located in Texas and, more precisely, on the Cedar Creek reservation. This offers a wonderful landscape and nature on the 435 square meter property. It is surrounded by large trees that provide pleasant shade. Wernerfield designed the house with a wooden ceiling. We would now like to give you an insight into this remarkable design.

Wood ceiling in the stair area


The practical L-shape of the house is striking. Since the house is located on a lake, the terrace is protected from the sometimes very strong winds thanks to this shape. There is also a seating area embedded in the floor, which also has a stone wall with an attached fireplace as a privacy screen. A pool and a covered terrace area are also not missing in this house design with a wooden ceiling.

Attractive ceiling design in the bedroom

wood ceiling bedroom-concrete-wall design-modern-armchair-bed

Inside, the mix of modern, cool-looking concrete and attractive, warm wood is impressive, creating harmony on the one hand and contrasting with one another on the other. In the kitchen, the gray color is in turn added by the elegant steel kitchen. A mix of colors is achieved with the help of decorative elements. This includes murals, but also colored sofa cushions. You can get a detailed insight into the living rooms with the following gallery. Gather inspiration for a modern interior with contemporary furniture, wall and floor designs, and the use of a wooden ceiling.

Bed design


Bedroom with a view of the garden


Modern furniture

ceiling-wood-living room-furnishings-gray-canape-chairs-sofa cushions

Flat roof


Concrete facade

ceiling-wood-roofing-terrace-lawn-bushes-garden design

Garden furniture for the lounge


Stone privacy screen




Attractive outdoor area

wood ceiling outdoor area forest landscape

The entrance


Gravel for the design of the yard


Facade made of stainless steel

ceiling-wood-bauhaus style-stainless steel-facade-design-trees

Trellis with climbing plants


Lawn and trees in the garden


Exterior lighting of the house


Wood ceiling – the floor plan


Location map


Design by Wernerfield.