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Atmospheric modern facilities, recorded by Lorenzo Pennati

Lounge living room furniture leather sofa flooring black wall design ideas

You have definitely seen such extremely realistic paintings that can be compared to high-resolution photographs. But the opposite is the case here: the following pictures look like they have been painted, but they are not. We invite you on a journey into the world of the Italian photographer Lorenzo Pennati. His recordings represent unusual living landscapes and atmospheric ones modern facilities and are characterized by their very specific aesthetics.

Modern facilities impress with their expressive colors

Living room open plan freestanding bathtub wall design ideas

The spaces that Pennati had photographed are an eclectic mix of styles, a high-contrast image that impresses with its originality and cosiness. These dreamy living situations have been transformed into a backdrop for creative experiments. The high-quality photographs reveal the communicative effect of shapes and color nuances and convey the impression of a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere, a combination of surrealism and reality.

Lounge living room furniture creates a casual atmosphere

paint wall brown design ideas ultra-modern carpet sofa set lounge

The clever interplay of strong material, shape and color contrasts sets dramatic accents in the interior. Lorenzo Pennanti exhibits an extraordinary talent, modern facilities to stage artfully and have a sure sense of detail.

Design inspirations for the contemporary home

rustic wall-mounted living room sofa set modern decor ideas tips

Even looking at the living situation, you get the feeling of security, security and peace. Because these very different elements of the furnishing – pure white sofa and rustic brick wall – are in an optical balance to each other. Individual details point to the fine artistic talent of the designer.

Modern facilities, characterized by material contrasts

White sofa set marble coffee table floor lamp design modern furnishings

 minimalist furniture offers incomparable comfort in the living room

minimalist living room indoor fireplace glazing bench

Optical harmony prevails in the living room

Loft apartment kitchen modern ideas furniture retro pendant light

Bedroom taken at sunset

bedroom with a view design crept style ideas

This loft apartment allows a panoramic view over the city

Living situation apartment panoramic view furniture home office design wooden table

The relaxed atmosphere can be felt in the picture

modern city apartment-bedroom bed elegant furniture-spacious-bright

Geometric lines are skillfully used as a design element

interior design bedroom-geometric desgin decoration elements-wood design trends

The furniture has a retro feel

retro furniture chair-made of wood-sideboard photos lorenzo pennati

indoor garden design ideas potted plants pots-table chairs

Eclectic decor

Bedroom vintage look eclectic mix ideas furnishing designer furniture

The archway and the climbing plants meandering around it create an outdoor feeling. Complemented by soft textiles, upholstered furniture with elegant silhouettes, textured wallpaper and antique-looking accessories, this facility is an uncompromising highlight.

Living design eclectic, fancy furniture-arcade, climbing plants lorenzo-pennati

Shabby chic furnishing living style ideas - eclectic zebra carpet

shabby chic bedroom four-poster bed-romantic furnishing archway

living room upholstered furniture-gray lounge-feeling exclusive apartment

White sofa set design ideas minimalist apartment floor lamp

Living room velvet sofa lounge indoor fireplace freestanding

Seating set living room design comfortable beige wood vertical panels Indoor

apartment furnishing ideas-partition wall wooden seating furniture

living situation modern furnishings couch cushions coffee table

Sofa set end table living room-lounge carpeted floor gray nuances

modern apartment design furniture retro shelf coffee table floor lamp

Furnishing-modern pendant lights living room-sofa set textiles

Brown bedroom ideas home textiles bedspread carpet deep pile

living room ideas daybed sofa bed designer furniture living situation lorenzo pennati

Lounge furniture-indoor upholstered furniture sofas gray carpeting accessories

Painting black wall flat furnishing modern tripod table chair

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