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Apartment with furnishings in a modern English style

This size Apartment with facility in modern English style is located in a prestigious residential area in London. The bright, spacious rooms should be furnished in a modern and comfortable way. At the same time, the new owner specified an interior that is in harmony with the facade of the old building. And his wish could only come true with an eclectic mix of styles.

Apartment with furnishings that are both cozy and stylish

Living room living ideas leather armchair

Many associate the eclectic style of living with colorful interiors – but actually it means a mix of styles. Accordingly, the walls and floor in the Apartment with facility kept simple in modern English style. The color scheme is also neutral and creates a visual connection to minimalist interiors. The kitchen-living room was visually divided into two areas – on the left is the kitchen with a cooking island, on the right there is a small seating area in front of the fireplace. The clear lines of the furniture make the room look modern, the natural materials / leather and wood /, on the other hand, bring a touch of the past. The restored fireplace / with oak mantelpiece / gives the room the finishing touch.

Apartment with furnishings in an eclectic style

Kitchen island wooden counter dining area set up ideas

the Apartment with facility in the modern English style is the new home of a clerk who works in the fashion metropolis of London. This inspired the interior designers to their project – similar to how the little black dress never goes out of style, the gray color scheme for the bedroom is always in trend. The large room was divided into two – the dressing table made of solid wood and the walk-in wardrobe are optically separated from the sleeping area by a plaster wall. On the wall there are black and white old map of London and a nice sketch.

The hallway design is simple – a small table made of ash wood makes the narrow entrance appear larger and brighter.

cozy furnishing ideas mantelpiece wood

Modern and cozy – the typical English seating area with a tea kettle

Kitchen island designer furniture London apartment

The kitchen-living room with wooden counter and dining area

Kitchen island wooden counter lighting ideas

Modern and charming at the same time – thanks to the wooden fronts and the lighting

built-in kitchen appliances modern, simple, elegant

The fitted kitchen is fully equipped

modern design ideas dining area

set up double bed designer furniture

Wood bedroom furniture natural materials

gray wall design idea classic

Design idea neutral color palette dressing table