Interior design

Apartment renovation combines rustic and modern

Apartment-renovation-brick wall-fur blankets-modern-sofa

this is a Apartment renovation and a successful upgrade project completed by Omer Arbel. The apartment that received this special attention was in a historic building. It is located at 46 Water Street in the Gastown District, Vancouver, Canada.

Apartment renovation by Omer Arbel


A loft in the building enjoyed this makeover and got a completely new interior. Lots of light floods into the apartment through generous skylights, which makes this apartment a very nice place to live. The design is based on the contrast between the old history of the building and the new, contemporary elements of the interior.

Apartment renovation – Africa decorations and furs


The interior is organized around a new open terrace on the roof so that an abundance of light can flow deep into the center of the interior. All other interior elements were designed to stand in stark contrast to the rough original framework of the existing building. As a result, the brick walls, concrete pillars and wooden beams were after the Apartment renovation keep.

White high gloss kitchen

Apartment-restoration-omer-arbel-high-gloss kitchen-red-brick

In the living area, the accessories harmonize with the environment – fur blankets, a coffee table made of wooden pallets, vintage mirror frames, candlesticks, African decorations and masks. We find the greatest contrast between rustic and modern in the kitchen. The white high-gloss kitchen and the yellow bar stools were juxtaposed with the red bricks.

colorful furniture


white high gloss kitchen and red brick

Apartment-restoration-modern-white-high-gloss kitchen-brick wall



blue mosaic in the bathroom


46 Water Street