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Apartment in autumnal golden colors – interior design by Pal Pang

Wall panels decoration earth color apartment

Golden Autumn Tone is a Interior design, which was partly influenced by the style of the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright and focuses on the modern designer characteristics. The designer has successfully created a not only spacious, but also cozy ambience. Every dinner with the family in the living room or dining room in autumnal golden tones will be a real experience.

Modern interior design – luxury apartment in Hong Kong


Interior designer Pal Pang spent over a year furnishing the luxurious apartments for the current Mount East project, which is currently being developed by a property developer in Hong Kong. Each piece of furniture was specially made for the project from high quality materials.

Autumnal golden tones – exciting interior design

white modern fitted kitchen

white dining table interior design

Bedroom bathroom gold details

The autumn golden one Interior design  doesn’t need any added retro or modern style to make it look luxurious. The unique design attracts everyone’s attention thanks to the interesting and exclusive materials, construction and manufacturing. It looks like a work of art.

About Pal Pang and its interior design


Pal Pang (彭裕仁studied interior design at the University of Creative Arts in Great Britain, graduated with a very successful bachelor’s degree and returned to Hong Kong. He originally developed interior design for retailers, shopping malls and luxury stores, and in recent years has worked on several interior design projects for residential buildings.

In 2002 Pal Pang founded Another Design International (另一 設計院) and has established himself as a successful designer in Asia thanks to his characteristic, tasteful and fashionable style. Pal Pang has worked for local, national and international well-known companies, including Hutchison Whampoa, Jaguar, Maxims, Kowloon Development, McDonalds, Wai Yen Tong&LuLu Cheung, designs designed.

In 2007, the design for Wai Yuen Tong’s store was awarded a prize by the ‘DESIGN FOR ASIA AWARDS. In 2008, ‘The Morrison‘ received it as part of the ‘INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY AWARDS‘ with the title Best Interior design excellent. The Asia-Pacific Awards and the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors have awarded him an award for environmentally friendly projects. In 2010, ‘Horizon Heights received an award for Best Interior Design from the Asia Pacific Property Awards. In 2011, Pal Pang was named one of the top forty designers under forty. Information about his projects is published very often in magazines in Europe, Dubai, China and Hong Kong. His first book, ‘Design of Faith&Devotion ‘, is sold worldwide.

Pal Pang has a penchant for art, film, picture composition and lighting and has successfully incorporated these elements into his Interior design Schemes incorporated, which gives his projects a unique look. The facilities are shiny, impressive and adapt to customer requirements.

Pal Pang is currently a member of the Chartered Society of Designers, Royal Society of Arts, Design and Art Direction Association and a board member of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

Photos: Virgin Simon Bertrand

Project name: Golden Autumn Tone

Project type: apartment

Client: Kowloon Development Company Limited

Interior design (company name): ANOTHER DESIGN INTERNATIONAL

Location: Hong Kong

Area: 1200 sqt

Graduation: 2012

Main designer: Pal Pang

Pal Pang interior designer

Photographer: Virgin Simon Bertrand