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Apartment design in trendy, Scandinavian style in Helsinki

living room scandinavian style carpet black white sideboard sofa

The Scandinavian style is known for its simplicity, which it gets thanks to the simple lines of the furniture and apartment design. This is also why it is so popular with apartment or house owners who prefer a modern style. In case you have no idea of ​​the Scandinavian style, the apartment that we would like to introduce to you in this article will serve as a perfect example. It is a condominium located in Helsinki and built in 1928. It was redesigned and furnished by Finnish designer Joanna Laajisto, with the help of photographer Mikko Ryhänen. That Flat design exudes a calming and attractive atmosphere, as expected from the Scandinavian style.

Apartment design with a seating area invites you to read

apartment design sitting area chair wood sideboard living room style

The entire apartment is designed in white, with each room being given a subtle color accent of green in the form of plants or black. Above all, the apartment design in this apartment has a relaxed look, which looks anything but chaotic, but tidy. Among other things, the color black, which was used for the design of the carpet, can be found there. The living room has a matching white, modern sideboard, as well as some wooden furniture and decorations that should radiate warmth.

Flat design with abstract mural

living room style plain bench wood floor lamp mural white design

The kitchen is practically furnished and has a small dining table, which is perfect for quick meals, such as breakfast and a cup of coffee in the morning. For longer family meals or when there are visitors, there is a larger dining table with plenty of seats, which is located in an alcove and thus forms a kind of dining room. In terms of design, these two areas adapt perfectly to the Scandinavian style for the apartment design and the color scheme of the living room can also be found in the bedroom.

Modern design in the dining area of ​​the apartment

dining room table chairs hanging lamp mirror scandinavian design

The apartment has a white wooden floor

dining area dining hall hall table shelf white apartment design

The bathroom, on the other hand, provides variety in the home design. What is immediately noticeable are the floor tiles, which have a hexagonal shape and different color nuances create an interesting floral pattern. Otherwise, white is used as the main color again. The simple design can also be found in the shower area. The shower is on the same level as the rest of the bathroom floor and is only separated from the rest of the bathroom by a glass wall.

Bathroom design with interesting floor tiles

design bathroom tiles shower modern apartment flowers

As you can see, this apartment design meets all the requirements of the Scandinavian style. Every centimeter is used to the full and practically without making the apartment appear chaotic or overcrowded. It has a simple and uncomplicated design that invites you to relax.

Flat design with simple and modern kitchen

kitchen scandinavian white table oven kitchen cabinet stylish

The work surface in the kitchen is made of marble

kitchen white sink cabinet design scandinavian apartment helsinki

The dishes are placed on a shelf

shelf kitchen dishes scandinavian design plant apartment

Apartment design in the bedroom – Lots of light and white furnishings

bedroom design scandinavian style bed chair white

bedroom design white lamp light fixture black window plant

apartment design living room carpet coffee table chair wood balcony

apartment design white sideboard plant table lamp finland

A design by Joanna Laajisto