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Animal print in the interior – ideas for decoration, home accessories & furniture

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If you are looking for furnishing and decoration ideas that will probably never go out of style, you are guaranteed not to go wrong with animal motifs and prints. Because they are not only stylish, but can also be used in different furnishing styles to create an interesting eye-catcher. So whether rustic, modern, glamorous, feminine or Art Deco does not matter. Nevertheless, the prints should not be exaggerated, because the elaborate pattern can quickly become too much of a good thing. We have put together some ideas for you in which form you can use Animal Print and also show you some furnishing examples. let yourself be inspired!

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The animal print is therefore a typical pattern of animal fur. Since the skins are available in different colors, any desired effects and styles can be created. A black and white zebra print looks very good in a minimalist room, while the classic and natural Leo pattern can create a color tact. In addition, there are also variants in bright colors, which of course create very special highlights. Whether you prefer it natural or extravagant in color is purely a matter of taste. Because even in a simple, minimalist interior, colored animal print fabrics, upholstery and wallpaper can look chic.

Animal print wallpaper

animal print wallpaper-tiger-brown-beige-stripes-wall paneling

A bare wall in particular can be spiced up with original wallpaper and give a room a unique atmosphere. Smaller rooms such as corridors, toilets, make-up rooms or walk-in closets are particularly suitable for this. Depending on the size and function of the room, all or only two or three walls can be decorated with the wallpaper.

animal print wallpaper-dalmatians-black-white-bathroom-metal-furniture-toilet

The Dalmatian pattern is particularly popular for wallpapers with animal motifs. As you can probably guess, this is a white background with irregular, black spots. These are so popular because they aren’t too pushy and stylish. The pattern is neutral in color and can therefore be combined with any other colors for furnishing and decoration. The result is glamorous, which can even be enhanced by adding a few accents of copper or brass.


A black and white zebra wallpaper also has the same effect. So if you like stripes better than dots, it is a good alternative that is no less popular than the Dalmatian variant. Here, too, you get neutral shades that can be combined with any colors and materials. You decide for yourself whether wood or metal for the furnishings in the respective room. Or how about a simpler crocodile or snake pattern?

Animal pattern for the upholstery


Chic highlights are also upholstery with any animal motif, be it a sofa, an armchair or an ottoman with an animal print. Such pieces of furniture are timeless. With chairs you can not only decorate the dining area, but also a fireplace, for example, by framing it with the furniture. You can complement the stylish look with a retro canapé, whereby modern furniture with animal print also looks very attractive. A classic or simple modern kitchen gets pep if chairs or bar stools with cushions with animal prints are used.


Depending on how extravagant the look should be, you can choose the zebra or dalmatian pattern or choose a more elaborate animal motif such as the cheetah or leopard print in warm beige and brown tones. A unique ambience with excellent eye-catchers is guaranteed and can even be emphasized with an accent wall with matching wallpaper. However, caution applies here too! You shouldn’t overdo it with the upholstery either, otherwise you’ll quickly look over the design.

Animal print rug


The carpet is an important living accessory that is missing in almost every interior. And since nowadays there are models in a wide variety of colors and with a wide variety of patterns, it is also clear that animal motifs and patterns are not missing. If you only decorate the room with such an accessory, there is also no risk of overdoing it. On the contrary, they create a pleasant accent and eye-catcher that can highlight any area. In this way, not only the seating area in the living room, but also the dining area or the area in front of the bed can be designed. And why not keep an eye out for matching bathroom rugs with animal prints? These especially enhance simple bathrooms. If you want to show courage, you can also design an entire room with carpeting.


If you have decided on a carpet as a decorative variant, you should also consider real or artificial fur. And here we would like to emphasize above all the cowhide as decoration, which creates a unique rustic accent in every living style. Cowhide is available in different colors, so that every taste is met. Modern patchwork designs are also available.

Decorate with pillows


Animal print pillows are another way of decorating with animal print, where you can be discreet and stylish and do not risk using too many patterns. In addition, these accessories are very cheap compared to the others and can be changed at any time if you still have the animal patterns one day. The patterns come into their own on a simple sofa, armchair or canapé and enhance the living area together with the furniture. The bedroom and more precisely the bed can also be adorned with some decorative pillows during the day.


Furthermore, you can create contrasts with the cushions, for example by equipping a brown couch with black and white motifs or by complementing the furniture color. The variants are numerous! Combine with furniture and decorations made of wood for a rustic and modern flair or create glamor with those made of metal.

Ideas with fabrics


Animal print fabric, on the other hand, can be used for curtains, blankets or even tablecloths. Curtains are a good and popular way to upgrade a room and to set beautiful, but not too intrusive accents. Designed with animal patterns, you can’t go wrong with this home accessory. The tablecloth or a table runner can in turn be changed at any time and only be used on any day. And if you use sofa cushions, you can also combine them with a matching cozy blanket, which not only fulfills a decorative task during the day, but also makes the time on the sofa more cozy on cooler days and evenings by warming it.