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An indoor garden in Singapore – invite nature into your home

indoor garden in singapore modern design living room

Of the Indoor garden is not uncommon for modern interior design today. A really dramatic effect can be achieved if real trees grow inside the apartment. We have selected such an impressive example for you. The Elok House in Singapore has a proper indoor garden with tall trees and all kinds of plants. The house has 3 floors with lots of open space and only three private rooms. Overlapping walls replace the traditional door and the stairs between floors look like they’re floating in the air. Such an open and transparent architectural plan allows designers to create a truly spectacular one Indoor garden to be integrated in the apartment on a vertical and horizontal plane.

Modern indoor garden with an unusual design

interior garden in singapoor modern design facade

The amount of plants in this house may look a bit excessive, or even totally eccentric, but is really impressive in every way. You get the feeling that nature is really part of the interior. In this unusual project, there are a few trees in the kitchen and the walls of the living rooms, which stretch over two floors, are covered in moss. Surprisingly, there are no trees near the Elok House. The apartment is actually in an urbanized area that is close to the main shopping street of Singapore. This way, the Elok house attracts even more attention. The passing pedestrians will be the Indoor garden notice immediately from the outside as well. The transparent glass facade allows a detailed view of the exotic garden in the Elok House and merges the boundaries between indoor and outdoor areas.

The concept of the indoor garden

indoor garden in singapore modern design overview

The leading architect Chang Yong Ter started this project as a landscape installation, and later decided to implement living spaces in this green landscape. The living area was designed to be as open as possible without delimiting the rooms with walls. This approach allows more space for the different plant species in the Indoor garden. This modern indoor garden could be one of the most extreme examples of a fusion between interior and exterior design.

Wooden terrace with a horizontal garden

indoor garden in singapore modern design terrace

Bedroom with integrated planters in the wall

indoor garden in singapore modern design bedroom

Kitchen with tree trunks instead of columns

indoor garden in singapore modern design kitchen