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Amazing modern home renovation from KNQ Associates

amazing apartment renovation

In this article, you can enjoy a fresh, stylish makeover of a small Singapore apartment. The designers of this wonderful modern apartment renovation are Singapore-based studio KNQ Associates who believed the space should not only be renovated but also rejuvenated. Following this ideal, the designers have managed to create a truly unique modern interior design that is inspired by its owner and his own personality.

White and light blue in the design scheme – small apartment in Singapore


the modern apartment renovation in Singapore is a project designed for a successful woman and her mother. They live together in the 51 sqm / 550 sqf apartment and decide that the place needs a complete make-over. After meeting the client, the designers develop a design that matches their character. As a result, the simple one-room apartment is transformed into a cool, elegant hideaway for the modern ladies.

Wonderful color combination in the small apartment


The main color in the modern apartment renovation is white. The white walls and ceilings create a feeling of more space and introduce a clean light look to the living area. The different rooms have strong color accents to add liveliness and energy to the design. The open living and dining areas and the kitchen are enlivened with intense azure blue elements. The bedroom also has brightly colored surfaces of soft light blue and warm brown. The furniture for the modern apartment renovation, used in all rooms, are minimalist with clean lines and materials. Above all, they are white, which completes the overall picture of the design. Additional storage space is added to the rooms and the living spaces are organized so that the two ladies have their own privacy. With a lot of style and consideration, KNQ Associates has succeeded in creating a beautiful and functional modern apartment renovation to create, in harmony with the lifestyle and preferences of customers.

by K.H. Christova

White – blue color palette – living room design idea

white-blue-design-living room-design-idea

Modern living room furniture

living room-furniture-design-small-apartment

Interesting television frame


White kitchen design

white kitchen design

Glass tattoo in the white renovated kitchen


Recreation area – small apartment in Singapore



Idea for wardrobe decoration

wardrobe decoration idea

Embedded cabinets


amazing apartment renovation