Interior design

A small industrial-style apartment shows a clever floor plan

small apartment industrial style vincent kartheiser entrance

These small apartment is located in Hollywood, California, USA and was designed by the interior designer Funn Roberts designed. He makes the most of the little space and shows some interesting tricks for small spaces. The apartment is only 54 m2 in size, but impresses with its style and clever floor plan. And now comes the big surprise – a famous actor is the owner of “Cabin Loft”, namely Vincent Kartheiser from Mad Men.

Vincent Kartheiser’s small apartment

hollywood star vincent kartheiser small apartment japanese

The furnishings correspond to the Japanese industrial style, where old and new are artfully combined. Lots of wood, steel and warm colors create a pleasant atmosphere that is perfectly complemented with high-quality vintage furniture. The designer actually made something remarkable out of this small area and effectively used the small space to live. The room was divided into several levels, whereby the bed can simply be lowered from the ceiling. With weights of 300 pounds, it is carried to the ceiling or hidden behind a red curtain if necessary. The solid wood headboard goes perfectly with the rest of the furniture.

Small apartment with a Japanese industrial look

small apartment industrial style living room Vincent Kartheiser mad men

Another highlight is an open shower in the middle of the bathroom and the amazing stone washbasin that looks very natural. Black tiles define the entire shower area. The bathroom and closet have been hidden behind bespoke Japanese-inspired sliding fiberglass and steel doors. They glow magically at night when lit from behind.

Wood and stainless steel in the kitchen

small apartment kitchen island wood actor Vincent Kartheiser

cozy and bright

apartment furnishing small room vincent kartheiser

the bed can be lowered from above

apartment design small bed ceiling industrial style

red curtain divides the living area

small apartment bed blanket down red curtain

Access to a small terrace

small apartment bed wood headboard courtyard japanese style

small apartment industrial style courtyard fireplace wood

small apartment japanese industrial style bathroom tile wood

small bathroom black tiles colorful shelf

small apartment actor mad men Vincent Kartheiser

apartment Vincent Kartheiser wood ceiling interesting design