Interior design

A small apartment near Madrid, converted in a loft style


The only 25 square meter apartment, located in a mountain resort near Madrid, was designed after the idea was developed by the architects Beriot, Bernardini arquitectos Rebuilt in 2013. Since the available space was too tight, the living space was fundamentally restructured and the rooms were merged. the small apartment, except for the bathroom, it was completely emptied and 2 living boxes (wooden living containers) were integrated. The architects wanted a bright apartment. Daylight should reach the corners of the room. Therefore, larger windows were installed, which brought more sunlight and allowed a breathtaking view of the mountain landscape.

Conversion of the loft Puerto de Navacerrada


One living box is suitable for sleeping and contains a double bed and bunk beds, while the other living structure functions as a living area and offers seating niches by the window to relax in. The sleeping box is equipped with a folding table that can be used as a dining or worktop and as a separating element between the two areas.

Living comfortably with wood


The flooring in the small apartment was redesigned with black linoleum, which, in combination with the wood and the bright red bed linen, creates a cozy atmosphere. You might think that something essential for survival is missing here – the kitchen. The small cooking area and storage space are hidden behind long curtains.

Redesigned 25 square meter apartment

remodeling-small-apartment-bunk-bed-wood-strong-red-bed linen-thermometer-wall

The small apartment is very cozy after the renovation


The folding table serves as a separator between the two areas 

Alcove-double bed-bunk beds-red-bed linen-drawers

Folding table serves as a privacy screen

Sleeping alcove made of wood, built-in wall lights, folding table, privacy screen

 Kitchen and storage space hidden behind long curtains

Loft-apartment-mountain-panorama-wood-cladding-living box

Small apartment with an open space design


View of the mountain resort near Madrid


Loft Puerto de Navacerrada designed by Beriot, Bernardini arquitectos in 2013

furnishing ideas-small-apartment-large-window-areas-kitchen-hidden

The new sun-drenched living area invites you to linger and relax


Natural materials transform the apartment into an oasis of calm

Built-in closet-wooden wall cladding-Loft-Navacerrada-Wohnbox

large-window-daylight-flooded-loft-apartment-wooden walls

Bunk bed-red-linen-wood-structure-modern-renovated-apartment

Double bed-Height bed-Navacerrada-Loft-Beriot-Bernardini


Pictures: Yen Chen


Loft Puerto de Navacerrada, Madrid