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A movable wall transforms this mini apartment into a real space miracle

movable wall mini apartment multifunctional

Especially in big cities, where the available living space is scarce, mini-apartments are becoming more and more important. With the right room planning, you can live wonderfully even in the smallest of spaces. Proof of this is presented by this 29 m² mini apartment in Milan. The architecture office PLANAIR has designed a modern apartment on the small living room, which has a kitchen, living room, sleeping area, dining area, bathroom and even a home office. Are you wondering how this is even possible? The answer: a movable wall.

moveable wall multifunctional mini apartment optimally furnish

The small 1-room apartment is located in Milan, Italy and impresses with its modern, but simple furnishings. Despite the small squaring, the designers have found a solution to the problem of lack of space. The multifunctional, movable wall can divide the room into different areas and has plenty of storage space. The flexible wall element is designed on castors and can be moved completely to the side. Depending on its position, the movable wall cabinet system can serve different purposes.

home office movable wall mini apartment multifunctional

If the multifunctional wall is placed in the middle of the room, then two new areas are created in the mini-apartment. To the left of the wall, the area can be converted into a home office. A desk is pulled out from the wall and offers enough space for a laptop and writing utensils. In addition, this side of the wall provides plenty of storage space that is perfect for books and other items. The shelves in pastel yellow give the room a playful note and harmonize with the rest of the furnishings.

multifunctional wall folding table bar mini apartment

On the right side of the movable wall system there is a fold-out table that is positioned slightly higher than the desk. The higher table can be used as a bar or as an additional worktop when preparing food. The movable wall is also equipped with storage space on the right side. A round mirror hangs on the opposite wall, optically enlarging the small room.

mini apartment kitchen handleless cupboards white fold-out table

The multifunctional wall can still be leveled with the wall of the small kitchen and therefore gives the idea of ​​a larger room. The kitchen is of course designed in the shape of a kitchenette, but looks really elegant and practical with its white, handle-free cabinets.

mini apartment movable wall wall folding bed

If the higher table is folded in and the movable wall is pushed all the way to the right, enough space opens up for the sleeping area. The fold-out double bed can be folded down in one movement, with the wall behind it harmonizing with the pastel yellow shelves. Even when the bed is folded down, access to the kitchen is not blocked.

mini apartment movable wall living area dining table

The living area is right next to the multifunctional area with the flexible wall. The decor here is kept simple and you can’t find anything unnecessary. A light gray couch overlooks the small dining area with a round table and a couple of Eames chairs. The dining chairs and the patterned carpet under the dining room set great accents and give the room a playful touch. Despite the lack of space, there is no lack of natural greenery with indoor plants in this mini apartment.

small living area mini apartment bathroom

Opposite the sofa is the bathroom. Both in the bathroom and in the living area, large windows ensure a bright, cozy interior.

You can find out more about the architecture studio PLANAIR on his official website