Interior design

A modern staircase that doubles as a bookcase

modern staircase bookcase-white-lacquered-large

The architect Tamir Addadi was commissioned to convert the attic of a private house in London into a bedroom with a workplace. The room should also have a large bookcase. Not only the project itself, but also the tight budget was a challenge. Since it was necessary to build a new staircase to the attic, the architect found a combined solution – one modern staircase, which also doubles as a bookcase.

Modern stairs with a double task

modern staircase bookshelf-floating-steps-white

The size of the ground floor was a big challenge, as it was only 160cm wide. The architect wanted to achieve a feeling of lightness in this space, despite the design of such a large element.

Modern stairs also offer additional storage space

modern-stairs-bookshelf-huge-partition wall

The architect’s solution was to design a new south-facing roof window for the attic so that natural light floods the dark ground and upper floors and makes the modern staircase appear light and airy. The stairs were painted white to improve this effect.

Steel bars support the books

modern staircase bookcase design metal rods

floating steps


natural light floods from the skylight


the south-facing skylight was carefully planned


frameless glass door


stable wooden construction


Project from the architect Tamir Addadi