Interior design

A modern apartment impresses with laser-cut kitchen fronts

modern apartment black dining room furniture laser cut fronts

These modern apartment was founded in 2010 by i29 architects renovated. The clients are a family with two children from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The highlight in the apartment is a sculptural kitchen with laser-cut cabinet fronts. These white panels reach from the floor to the ceiling and are a very special decorative element. The dominant white wall color combined with a white epoxy resin floor create a wonderful feeling of peace and serenity.

Modern apartment with an extraordinary highlight

modern apartment i29 architects laser cut fronts kitchen

The family apartment is on the fourth and fifth floors of a building in the south of Amsterdam. The original interior design with rooms for the staff as well as two entrance halls and long corridors with many doors have been completely rebuilt and transformed into a spacious apartment full of light and air.

Modern apartment – pure white kitchen and pine wood paneling

modern apartment i29 architects kitchen white pine wall cladding

The extraordinary kitchen with laser-cut fronts is a fascinating eye-catcher in the interior. The abstract pattern results in a dynamic mix of open and closed cabinets, with the holes also serving as cabinet handles. These irregular openings in different sizes give the kitchen block a pleasant depth. An atrium with open stairs lets natural light flood into the living area from a large skylight. A whole wall and the stairs are clad with light pine wood, which also creates a visual connection to the furniture in the master bedroom. The bathroom there features textured tiles by Patricia Urquoila and bespoke built-in wardrobes.

white kitchen block and black furniture

modern apartment pure white kitchen black hotplate dining furniture

laser cut breakthroughs

furnishing modern pine wood laser-cut kitchen fronts

open living space – light and airy

apartment renovation modern pure white pine wood paneling

Pine wood in contrast to the white kitchen block

modern apartment renovation pure white pine wood paneling kitchen

Pine wood wall and sliding door

modern renovation kitchen laser cut sliding pine wood door

sculptural staircase

modern apartment furnishing pine wood stairs design

pine wood paneling door modern home furnishings

modern apartment pure white pine wood wall paneling tv

bathroom design remodeling pine wood bathtub toilet

modern apartment renovation glass shower wall bathtub gray