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A children’s hospital in the USA uses pirate decorations against children’s fear

Examination room interior design kids pirate theme decoration

This interior design idea has a very special purpose. These Pirate decoration does not design a children’s room, but is designed for the CT scanner room in the Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital in New York. The concept manages to make the space and examinations less scary for the children. The children who are examined every day in the hospital are between the ages of 1 and 21 years.

Pirate decoration is intended to calm the children down during the investigation

children's hospital pirate deco ct scanner oar decorated with wood

The computer tomograph is used to record internal injuries that are not visible with an X-ray machine. The medical device scares the children even before they lie down in the narrow tunnel. But with this creative decoration, the children will be relaxed thinking that the investigation could be a game. It is also much easier for the doctors to calm the child down before the scan. The pirate CT scanner is decorated like the wooden oar of a pirate ship and the couch is a ship’s plank.

Pirate decoration and comic drawings

children's hospital pirate deco computer tomograph less fear children

This interior with Pirate decoration makes the atmosphere in the children’s hospital much more inviting. It is not a ghost ship of robbers and pirates, but a cute boat with a tiger and monkey as a crew. Not only is the CT scanner decorated like a pirate ship, but the topic is expanded throughout the examination room. Cartoon drawings and smiling faces decorate the walls and furniture. The floor is painted like a blue sea. Everything seems pleasant and relaxed to take away the fear and worries of the children and parents.

   Ship rudder made of wood

children's hospital new york pirate deco less fear

the patient must lie still

children's hospital ct scanner pirates deco children fear

the floor is painted like a blue sea

ct scanner pirate decoration ship plank wood oar

the computer tomograph scans for tumors and internal injuries

computer tomograph room children's hospital pirate theme decoration

children's hospital examination room ct scanner pirate monkey wall decoration

children's hospital pirate deco tiger smiling

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