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62 inspirations for color design in the hallway and entrance area

color scheme in the hallway entrance hall blue-gray wall table stairs

There are several reasons to choose a colored interior design. With the skilful use of color and light, you can stage a beloved piece of furniture or accessory into a jewel, make a room appear larger, wider, lower or smaller and convey a particularly intimate or sociable ambience. There is a lot of leeway for those who find out about it Color design in the hallway To worry about. You can find interesting ideas and suggestions in our picture gallery.

Aesthetic color scheme in the hallway welcomes guests

color scheme in the hallway yellow wall wardrobe orange accents modern

At the beginning you should think carefully about what your first impression will be Color design in the hallway should convey. The wall color has a representative character and reveals a lot about the person who furnishes: whether they are calm, determined, sociable or reserved. The personal touch can be felt even if you are not a color expert. So keep this in mind when choosing the color. The favorite color brown, for example, might not be the best solution for the hallway or hallway.

Colors in the interior

color scheme in the hallway exotic design turquoise oriental carpet bench

the Color design in the hallway also takes care of the use: what do you actually do in this room, how often, how long do you stay there. However, it is advisable to give the corridor walls a light or strong color, because most corridors lack sunlight and transparency anyway.

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Find a suitable color combination

color scheme in the hallway light blue idea cozy shoe cabinet wood paneling

If the overall effect of the house is neutral, you can treat yourself to a little more color in the hallway. Due to the strong contrast, a heavy-looking ceiling appears airier and more inviting. Combined with a pastel shade, the same effect is achieved with a dark ceiling.

Paint the hallway

color scheme in the hallway dark blue wall paint carpet zigzag white doors

The hallway can come close to the ceiling in terms of brightness and color. For a harmonious overall impression, the colors should reflect the character of the other interior design elements. Complementary color combinations such as red and green, blue and orange create an interesting overall picture with a lot of impact.

With a strong wall tone, a light gray ceiling looks lighter 

color-design-in-the-hallway-floorboard-ideas-floor-wall-accents-stone-neon green-painting

An interesting solution that not only provides texture and shape, but also color in the otherwise plain hallway, is this stone wall that protrudes from the actual wall. The green color looks fresh and comes into its own thanks to the gray stones.

Compact overall effect, which, however, tends to be monotonous


Various elements have been used so that this hallway does not look so boring. On the one hand, the walls are dark in color, which is balanced out by the light floor. In addition, the laminate was not laid parallel to the wall, but has an effective, sloping design. The tiny LED lights in the ceiling also add to the cozy atmosphere.

Examples of color design with sample wallpapers

pattern wallpaper-hallway-walls-design-discreet-purple-mirror-design-dresser-art-deco-accessories

The quickest and easiest way to get beautiful patterns is to use wallpaper. Patterns make a monotonous hallway or entrance area look livelier. The result is a dynamic that quickly transforms the room into a homely area from which you don’t just want to disappear.

Color ideas in different hallways


Use vibrant colors to add pep and create a more attractive hallway area. This is not only possible with wall paint, but also with accessories such as the carpet or decorations of various kinds. With the decoration, you can also create a contrast to the wall color, as in the example on the right, where the turquoise wall is adorned with a pink orchid.

Strong pink


Tones in full saturation 


Lighter partial areas

Entrance area-wall design-purple-color-white-border-staircase

Decorate color-neutral walls accordingly


Set color accents


A stronger wall tone 


Color design in the hallway with earthy colors


Neutral partial areas





wall-ideas-sky-blue-white-cloakroom-tile floor-entrance area




vintage-dresser-with-feet-design-ideas-hallway-walls-natural tones-brown

Design-walls-sandy-tones-hall-stairs-floor-natural stone-tiles


Interior design-hallway-stairs-design-the-walls-neutral-window-colored-glass-effect







Design ideas-hall-and-corridor-walls-paint-natural-colored-light-green-yellow

corridor walls-white-floor-ceiling strips-gray-paint-dark-brown-lacquer-floor

rustic-door frame-wood-wall-plastered-earth tones-window sill


corridor-walls-painted-light-gray-white-floor molding-wall mirror-glass table




white-corridor-walls-decorate-with-pictures-abstract-works of art-colorful