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50 patchwork carpet designs by Ebru & other models

carpet patchwork bright design modern pattern side table white

As you know, carpets come in a wide variety of colors and with original patterns. And because for this reason the choice can sometimes be difficult, we would like to introduce you to a variant that is currently very trendy and will highlight your interior particularly well. What is meant is the so-called Patchwork carpet. Patchwork means to make a new piece of textile from different textile scraps. In this way, unique models are created that give the interior a special charm. In terms of the carpet, there are two variations of this design. In addition to what has just been mentioned, the patchwork carpet can only imitate this design, i.e. not really consist of different textiles, but only represent them in color and with patterns.

Patchwork carpet design by Ebru

carpet patchwork vintage furnishing persian carpet idea ebru

In this article we would like to introduce you to some interesting and high quality designs for the company’s patchwork carpet Ebru introduce. Her models are all handmade and made of wool, cotton or leather. Then we have put together a few more examples of the patchwork carpet. There are both colorful models as well as those that consist of different nuances of one color. However, all carpets have one thing in common and that is the modern and cozy look they give the room.

Vintage patchwork rug

patchwork carpet beige colors persian carpet design ebru collection vintage

Every model Vintage Patchwork Carpet by Ebru consists of an original Persian carpet that has been newly processed. The vintage carpets look romantic and exude nostalgia and in this way bring a special atmosphere into every interior.

Oriental rugs in patchwork design

carpet patchwork persian design quality beige ebru

Carpet in dark color

carpet patchwork black ebru elegant model accessory living room

Vintage shabby style patchwork

carpet patchwork monochrome colors gray black ebru floor decoration

Dark blue carpet

patchwork carpet dark blue vintage design ebru handmade

Contrast colors in the interior

carpet patchwork dark blue gray ebru design armchair velvet yellow

Green carpet

carpet patchwork green elegant vintage ebru home accessory

Handcrafted carpets

patchwork carpet ebru vintage collection giftgruen

Beige patchwork design

carpet patchwork green yellow color mix living room decorating flowers persian carpet

Repeat the carpet color with other accessories

carpet patchwork green yellow couch black yellow throw pillows ebru vintage

carpet patchwork gray shades ebru idea handwork design

carpet patchwork gray driftwood deco interior design textile

carpet patchwork ebru idea pastel vintage leather chair black

patchwork carpet orient carpet ebru high quality design deco

patchwork carpet olive color ebru textile vintage

carpet patchwork colorful colors oriental style ebru

carpet patchwork oriental colorful colors pink green blue

carpet patchwork pink patchwork modern design ebru firm

Leather patchwork

carpet patchwork nuances red leather cow flooring

Leather from cows was used for every leather patchwork rug. The high-quality carpets are offered in different colors, with patterns and combined with suede. They are the perfect choice for an elegant interior. The cow leather carpets are also available in a metallic version, optionally with a striped or checkerboard look. In addition to variants from one color nuance, there are also combinations, including striking models that contain the color pink. With this you set a bold accent in the interior.

carpet patchwork black suede ebru checkerboard minimalistic

carpet patchwork black squares leather idea ebru brand

carpet patchwork black model decoration living room leather

carpet patchwork red leather pattern gloss ebru elegant furnishing

carpet patchwork brown red leather ebru checkerboard pattern

carpet patchwork leather design stripes beige black ebru

carpet patchwork elegant ebru leather stripes purple black gray

carpet patchwork ebru leather collection red black stripes

carpet patchwork stripes leather pink white modern ebru furnishing

carpet patchwork squares stripes pink gray ebru leather

carpet patchwork checkerboard pattern white ebru gray idea

Modern patchwork carpets

carpet patchwork colorful squares cowhide pattern red pink yellow

Modern patchwork carpets impress with bright colors and interesting patterns. An example of this is the above model of Ebru, which is made up of colorful squares that represent different animal patterns. The model below, for which a honeycomb pattern was chosen, is just as attractive and effective. Furthermore, there are great single-colored models consisting of strong colors, as well as modern variants in pastel tones for a simpler look. In principle, the right thing can be found for every furnishing style and for every taste. If you feel like it, you can even have your very own patchwork rug designed or made by putting together the pieces of textile you want.

More patchwork carpet ideas:

patchwork carpet colorful design hexagon honeycomb pattern floral motifs

carpet patchwork modern cube 3d optics purple blue yellow office chest of drawers

patchwork carpet blue modern elegant furniture white living room fireplace

patchwork carpet beige blue parquet fireplace living room furnishings

carpet patchwork runner hallway colorful colors wood balustrade

patchwork carpet beige nuances brown small squares office furnishing

carpet patchwork ombre yellow green red orange idea accent

carpet patchwork triangles pattern cowhide gray gloss

patchwork carpet vintage look shabby wall design metal chair

patchwork carpet red nuances white sofa vintage coffee table

patchwork carpet ombre black gray white squares modern

patchwork carpet monochrome interior black dark gray corner sofa wood ceiling

patchwork carpet modern living room flower pattern leather armchair

carpet patchwork brown light gray poufs white floor

patchwork carpet minimalist interior gray floor design

patchwork carpet cowhide gray stripes look modern

patchwork carpet cowhide gray nuances ombre living room coffee table round