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5 mural ideas to pimp your apartment for spring

Mural spring decoration tulips watercolor look flowers

When the trees are budding and the days are getting longer, spring is finally just around the corner! After the spring cleaning is done and the apartment is shiny again, you can conjure up a fresh spring home with great decoration ideas! Happy accessories such as pillows, carpets and posters bring a vitamin boost into our four walls with flowers and fresh colors. Carefully selected and well-placed murals have more than just an eye-catcher function and go beyond the visual. We show you 5 mural ideas that can bring a happy spring mood in your home!

1. Murals with nature motifs

Mural ideas spring motif blooming tree bird blue tones

Each season has its own motifs and charms, but spring is one of the most colorful times next to autumn. As soon as spring arrives, nature gets strong colors again and the dreary gray is replaced by green leaves and colorful flowers. Simple motifs such as birds, spring flowers and blossoming trees such as magnolias or cherries look very exciting as a mural. If you let these motifs work on you, they can deliberately trigger euphoric feelings.

Mural ideas spring motif blooming tree abstract pastel colors

When choosing a mural, pay attention to the format, orientation and size. Portrait images, for example, are great for rooms with low ceilings, while wide murals can visually stretch even the shortest wall. By the way, on you can choose from more than Select 25 million motifs. Each motif can be adjusted to the desired size and printed on different materials such as canvas, satin paper or self-adhesive foil. With the help of the online visualizations, you can play with the different options to get a feel for which is the right format for your room design. XXL formats that adorn the entire wall are also currently very much in vogue.

2. Wall art on the theme of watercolors

Mural ideas watercolor watercolors floral designs spring

We continue with the most beautiful mural ideas for spring! Watercolor paintings on posters or canvas convince with a calm, harmonious and feminine look and are perfect as a fresh spring wall decoration. “Watercolor” comes from the Latin word “aqua” and means “water”. The watery color gradient, which gives the motif an extraordinary charm, is typical of watercolor painting. The delicate pastel tones of the non-opaque water colors create a light and airy effect and provide a romantic note.

Mural ideas spring floral motifs watercolor look peony

3. Macro-themed murals

Mural ideas motif flower macro closeup

Macro photography opens up a completely new perspective for the viewer. It enables very large, detailed recordings of mostly very small objects that normally remain hidden from our eyes. The beauty often lies in the details! Particularly exciting are sections of water droplets, feathers, blossoms, dandelions or butterflies as canvas prints in large format. For perfect macro murals, however, a high photo and print quality is of crucial importance.

Mural ideas home office green wall paint macro motif cactus in pink

4. Typographic posters with colorful inscriptions

Wall picture poster XXL saying purple pink balloons

Spring stands for something new, a change, a new beginning. And not only in the natural world, but also with us humans. Quotes, wisdom, motivational sayings, typography as wall art and posters can contribute significantly to daily inspiration and motivation. Find mural ideas with motivational inscriptions that appeal to you straight away and that you can use for orientation. Wall quotes will help you look forward to every new day full of optimism and zest for life!

Mural ideas sayings minimalist optimism spring

5. Abstract murals

Abstract image of turquoise pink spring

An abstract picture illustrates a reality that one can neither see nor describe. However, geometric compositions and colorful spots of color can trigger very different feelings in the viewer. When choosing the subject, pay particular attention to the choice of color and the effect that the picture creates. The best thing to do is to find an exciting pattern in turquoise and rose that will bring that springtime feeling!

abstract motif mural sage green spring

Give your home a new look for spring with beautiful murals! The selection is incredibly diverse and the motifs leave nothing to be desired.

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