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5 Hamburg sights that are worth immortalizing on a canvas!

The city of bridges, Venice on the Elbe or the gateway to the world – Hamburg has many names and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and impressive cities in Germany! The people of Hamburg love their city and of course they have every reason to: it is a place full of history, exciting places and diverse culture. In addition, the numerous Hamburg sights are just waiting to be discovered! How about bringing this pulsating atmosphere into your apartment with the right wall decoration? From the port over the Alster to the Speicherstadt – in this article we show you the most beautiful motifs that are absolutely worth immortalizing on a canvas!

Hamburg pictures as magnificent wall decorations

the most beautiful cities in Germany Hamburg motifs wall design

With the many sights, the great location on the Elbe and more bridges than Amsterdam and Venice combined, Hamburg is a city that everyone must have visited. Do you love the unique charm of the Hanseatic city and would like to bring a piece of it into your home? Whether the landing stages, the town hall or the Elbphilharmonie – at Hamburg Fineart you will find many wonderful ones Hamburg pictures, which are perfect for an interesting and modern wall decoration. All motifs come from selected artists and can be ordered in any size. In addition, the pictures are characterized by high color fastness and brilliance, which promise long-term quality.

Hamburg sights: The Speicherstadt is always worth a visit

Hamburg Pictures Sights Wasserschloss Speicherstadt as a photo motif

A trip to the beautiful Speicherstadt should not be missing on any visit to Hamburg. It is the 40th World Heritage Site in Germany and is rightly one of the most visited Hamburg attractions. As the name suggests, the many buildings used to be used as warehouses and warehouses for coffee, cocoa, spices and other specialties from overseas. In addition, the Hamburg warehouse district, with a size of more than 26 hectares, is the world’s largest warehouse complex. Today it is a popular destination and the address for some of the most popular attractions, such as the Miniature Wonderland, the coffee roastery, the Hamburg Dungeon and Spicy’s Spice Museum.

The landing stages

Landungsbrücke photo motif wall design Hamburg pictures interior design ideas

The St. Pauli Landungsbrücken are not only a remarkable ensemble of buildings along the Elbe, but also a very important landing stage for excursion boats and harbor ferries. As the name suggests, they are the most famous water station in the Hanseatic city and one of the most popular Hamburg attractions. The Landungsbrücken area extends extensively between the fish market and the Reeperbahn, the main point being the level tower with its bell and clock tower. As they are right in the center of the city, you only have a few minutes from there to other attractions. For example, the Hamburg Michel, the Speicherstadt Museum and the entrance to the old Elbe tunnel are all within walking distance.

Hamburg sights: the harbor

Hafencity picture motifs Hamburg sights as wall design

It is not for nothing that all Hamburgers are proud of their “gateway to the world”, as the port is often called. With more than 13,000 seagoing ships coming from all over the world, it is the largest port in Germany and the second largest in Europe. The port extends over a total of 14 districts and is therefore the perfect starting point for an extensive tour of the most popular Hamburg sights. The sunrise at the Port of Hamburg is something very special and, as a wall decoration in the living room, creates a cozy and cozy atmosphere. A big highlight is the harbor birthday in May – the evening fireworks, the historic and modern ships and the live music attract thousands of visitors every year. To get a better overview of the unique charm of the Hanseatic city, a harbor tour is strongly recommended. Another Hamburg landmark awaits you at the eastern tip of Hafen-City, namely the Elbphilharmonie.

Hamburg City Hall

Hamburg City Hall photo motif as a wall frame Hamburg sights

The Hamburg City Hall is the seat of the citizenship and the Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. The magnificent building is located right behind the Inner Alster in the city center and dates from the 19th century. The imposing sandstone building combines elements of the Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance periods and stands out significantly from the typical Hamburg architecture. The central tower rises 112 meters high and the square with the Hygieia fountain in the inner courtyard invites you to linger. But the town hall is not just a feast for the eyes from the outside. So take a little tour of the interior and let yourself be enchanted by the marble staircase, the sandstone columns and the imperial hall.

Outer Alster and Inner Alster

Hamburg sights wall design with Hamburg pictures

In addition to the Elbe, the Alster is the defining river in Hamburg and is divided into the Inner Alster and Outer Alster by the Lombard Bridge and the Kennedy Bridge. However, this means the Alster Lake and it is something like the lifeline of the Hanseatic city. Located near the main train station and the famous Jungfernstieg, the small Inner Alster is the heart of the city center. The image of the Jungfernstieg is mainly characterized by the posh department stores and shopping streets, while the many cafes and restaurants invite you to linger. A very special highlight is the well-known Alster fountain in the middle of the Inner Alster, which is provided with a large Christmas tree in winter. With its numerous meadows, parks and hiking trails, the Outer Alster is particularly popular with joggers and walkers.

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