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3D wall design with stone: Decorative ideas for the interior from Lithos Design

3D wall design with stone inside-geometric-marble-optics-rilievo

A 3D wall design with a stone look not only looks good, it also brings nature into your home and creates a comfortable ambience. Our inspiration today is the second collection from Lithos Design – the Rilievo line. The name comes from the Italian word Rilievo, which means relief. The collection inspires with geometric patterns and soft shapes. The complex structures are light and dynamic and are just as suitable for designing large spaces as they are for small rooms. If you have one for your house, apartment or office 3D wall design with stone you can choose from a variety of relief motifs.

3D wall design with stone – the new relief collection from Lithos Design

3D wall design with stone beige-decorative-idea-tiles-sofa-rilievo

Six different motifs are presented to you: Shanti, Eco, Polis, Ritmo, Kapla and Pulsar. Shanti is characterized by a special light-dark structure that ‘makes the vertical surface move’. Eco spreads like an infinite wave so that the three-dimensional space becomes apparent. Polis has the oriental effect in itself and enchants with a strong texture and combination of light and dark colors. The aim of Ritmo is to bring the marble to life with a strong use of light. At Kapla you notice the innovation in the movement, so that marble looks aesthetic and the pattern brings balance. With their light-dark optical effects, the Pulsar tiles create perfect decorative harmony and a three-dimensional space.

3D wall design with stone – elegant marble cladding for the office

3D wall design with stone office-light-dark-effect-rilievo

Today we show you some examples from the tile manufacturer’s portfolio, which can also arouse your interest in 3D wall design with stone and marble. A virtual tour of a Mediterranean bathroom, a cozy country house, a quiet bedroom and a modern living room is offered.

How do you imagine a dream bathroom? Lithos Design provide the perfect example of this. The beige color and waves are perfect for this, making you feel like you are on the beach while sitting in the bathtubThe most sophisticated technology complements this magical world you are in: touch-screen control panels, fully intelligent audio-visual systems, ambient lighting and monitoring systems.

3D wall design with marble – a variety of relief motifs

3D wall design with stone marble-tiles-pattern-light-dark-rilievo

Lithos Design products are harmoniously implemented in another project for a country house and emphasize the uniqueness of natural stone. Natural materials such as wood and stone, Murano glass and modern mosaics are preferred for the country house. In particular, there is a room divider in the house, the pattern of which was inspired by the continuous flow of waves on the sand. The interiors are exceptionally bright, as natural light comes into the apartment thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows.

3D wall design with stone pattern-diverse-structures-rilievo

In a third project by Lithos Design, the designers selected 3D wall design with stone in white or gray for the bedroom. Recessed lights are combined with the stone and wave motifs to create a Mediterranean atmosphere and comfort.

For those who like darker tones, we have prepared an elegant living room in dark gray. You will be guided through a cozy lounge. Although the interior is designed according to strict rules, you will fall in love with this art style.

Natural stone slab for the wall in the office


Skai Holdings Headquarters Dubai by Viktor Udzenije Architecture + Design

Curved shapes, light, stone and top materials are combined to present numerous design options. The marble is combined with the interior lighting, so that this “liveliness of the stone”, called by the architects, is always in the foreground. The stone element creates dynamism and creativity in all Lithos design projects.

Decorative 3D wall design with stone and LED bar


Skai Holdings Headquarters Dubai by Viktor Udzenije Architecture + Design

Mediterranean furnishings for the bathroom 


A modern bathroom with waves


Sand-colored tiles and a 3D wall design 


Residence Le Provençal, Cap d’Antibes by Longo Palmarini Architecture & Partners

Bathroom in beige – 3D wall design with stone


Private Residence, Zurich Lake by Stone Group

Silver countertop basin and white 3D wall design


Residential Villa Dubai by AAC Interiors

Idea for room dividers in the country house


An example of 3D wall design with stone – a country house


Courtyard house of Stone, Trapan by Studio 4e

Creative room division in a restaurant 

3D-wall-design-stone-restaurant-pattern-room separation-beige

Marciana Restaurant Venice by Driusso Associati

Select a natural stone slab in gray for the bedroom

3D-wall-design-stone-interior-bedroom-natural stone-slab-gray-bed

The bedroom – 3D wall design with stone and light effects


copyright 10 + design

white 3D wall design with stone and night lamp in detail

3D-wall-design-stone-bedroom-white-light-built-in night lamp

Light and tiles for a decorative 3D wall design


Private Residence, Zurich Lake by Stone Group

Furnishing for the living room with 3D wall and stone

3D-wall design-stone-living room-solid wood-cupboards-beige-sofa-coffee table

Private Residence, Zurich Lake by Stone Group

White natural stone top and built-in fireplaces


Stone Group AG Headquarters Uznach by Stone Group

3D wall design in a dark stone look


Private Residence, Zurich Lake by Stone Group

3D wall design for the living room in dark gray


The modern living room – 3D wall design with stone

3D-wall-design-stone-living room-dark-texture-sofa-wood-table-tv

Private Residence Otopeni (Romania) by SMAA

You can find more information about the products on the official website of Lithos Design Studio