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30 ideas for creative staircase design – impressive lifestyle trend


Although stairs are often neglected, they always play a complementary and complementary role as an instrument for the design of rooms. That Stairs design can be very diverse and finally deserves the necessary attention. Stairs can blend in with their surroundings or be extraordinary eye-catchers. Whether you are a lover of traditional design or you are inspired by extravagant ideas, check out these 25 cool design solutions!

Contemporary staircase design with a unique character

stairs-design-modern-scj black-white-red-organic-shape-playful

Metal and wood are most commonly used for hanging stairs and cantilevered stairs. Their excellent properties such as lightness, stability and rural life make them the perfect choice. This is not just a contemporary, but also a space-saving solution that is preferred today for minimalist apartment designs. The minimalist black steps contrast with the white wall and thus create a feeling of openness and simplicity.

Staircase design – an important element of interior design


The wooden staircase – whether rustic or solid, can look spectacular and simple at the same time. This wooden spiral staircase without handrail conveys an elegant, playful touch and visual lightness and fits perfectly with the contemporary lifestyle.

Stair design with filigree railing 


Stair design – futuristic spiral staircase without handrail 

stairs-design-modern-white-spiral staircase-spiral-wooden floor-concrete ceiling

Magnificent staircase design in the Musée Gustave Moreauin, Paris

Stairs extraordinary metal railings-decorative musee-gustave moreau

spiral staircase design wood steps musee-gustave-moreau paris

The bizarre stairs from Atmos Studio

atmos studio exclusive staircase design ideas

Stairs impress with their unusually curved shape

bizarre stairs flowing railings-atmos studio

Combinations of materials in stair design create dramatic visual effects

Concrete stairs combined with cord cord interior design

Concrete stairs and crisscrossing strings in a geometric design

designer stairs made of concrete cord modern look

Stairs with bookshelves and storage space

space-saving staircase minimalist design integrated bookshelves

Staircase design is reminiscent of a folded ribbon

Black and white minimalist internal staircase cantilevered stair-like tape

The geometric design and the color contrast give the staircase a modern, minimalist touch. Their unusual steps, reminiscent of a ribbon, have softly rounded edges.

Storage staircase is used as a library

Shelving system integrates wooden stairs with modern interior solutions

Modern staircase with specially perforated walls

bizarre staircase design-perforated walls white Emmental Biljana-Jovanovic

modern staircase-white two-stringer staircase Emmental-Biljana Jovanovic

Wooden spiral staircase imitates a blooming flower

Spiral staircase wood glass stringers metal railing ytl modern residence

Staircase modern spiral staircase ytl-residence

Extraordinary spiral staircase made of wood with rounded corners and edges

wood spiral staircase innovative design interior design ideas

Wooden staircase with rounded edges, interior staircase-spiral design-modern

Triangle staircase with inclined steps

triangular inclined stairs modern design of steps-for-home

Floating concrete stairs

Concrete stairs hanging modern-robust ideas-interior room design

Floating concrete stairs construction-cantilever arm no railings

Contemporary cast iron stairs 

cast iron stairs modern handrail wood floor covering

She is very elegant and stylish. The generous lines in combination with the monotonous color creates a visually balanced appearance that works as a decor.

Wood and concrete – designed in a minimalist and asymmetrical way

space-saving interior staircase made of wood design-light wood bookshelves

Luminous spiral staircase provides mood lighting

luminous staircase design ideas for mood lighting

luminous stairs spiral staircase modern shape design ideas

Space-saving stairs in black

Space-saving staircase design modern black interior design solutions

space-saving interior staircase spiral staircase design-ideen-black

Multifunctional stairs

Multi-functional internal staircase with slide-Integrated shelving system

staircase hanging staircase wood step sliding doors wood storage space

Wooden stairs with a slide offer clever storage space solutions

Stylish stairs with a slide are an eye-cather

interior staircase design with slide glass railing

Bizarre central stringer staircase with metallic construction

Metal central stringer stairs ideas for design ornate glass railings

Leather staircase in the bedroom

Suspended stairs leather bedroom wall upholstery ideas-innovative

leather stairs bedroom furnishing ideas innovative

Modern staircase integrated in the wall

wall design modern integrated staircase interior solutions modern

Longchamp Store in New York City – merging floors, walls and stairs

Staircase interior design - walls and stairs flowing into one another

Floor and stairs design by Heatherwick Studio

Stairs-flowing into one another-design longchamp new york city

Floating wooden stairs with modern glass railings

wave-shaped staircase wood glass railing modern space-saving

Tradition meets modern – wooden spiral staircase by Alberto Mozo

Wooden stairs interior design ideas Alberto-Mozo

curved wooden staircase design Alberto Mozo-design

Light wood staircase

stairs made of wood-staircase ideas-interior design modern

staircase light wood design of stairs with railings

cast iron staircase construction wooden steps design

Cantilever staircase minimalist design black

modern design spiral staircase made of wood-stairs without handrail