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25 modern room design ideas from Widawsky Studio

living room-kitchen-maigruene-accents-wooden floor

Are you looking for great furnishing tips and suggestions for home design? Are you curious what the living spaces that designers create individually for their customers look like? Which wallpapers, furniture and wall decorations would you choose? Let yourself be carried away by the Room design ideas inspired by Widawsky Studio. Widawsky Studio Architektury was founded in 2008 in Poland. In their projects they mix different styles such as minimalism, modernity, pop art and industrial chic in a harmonious whole.

Room design ideas – may green and white in the living room

living room design ideas grass-green-white-wooden floor

If you are a fan of vibrant colors, then you’ve come to the right place. Colorful stripes on the wall, photo wallpapers and colorful accessories in the living area create an atmospheric atmosphere. But it doesn’t look cheesy because the dominant color is white. A warm wood tone is selected for the flooring and kitchen fronts and stimulates associations with the forest.

Room design ideas from Widawsky Studio


Red, white and black

living room-furnishing-red-black-white-combination

The colors red, white and black are often paired in modern apartments. In this black and white living room, the red wall is a skilfully set accent. Red is associated with love, passion and warmth, but can not only stimulate appetite, but also have an aggressive effect. Therefore you have to use them sparingly. This apartment presents us with a successful example of this great color combination.

bright red wall as an accent in the living room


U shape kitchen


Eiffel Tower photo wallpaper

living room-design-ideas-red-white-black-photo-wallpaper-eiffel tower

Pop Art and Modern

kitchen room design ideas with-color-orange-flower-ceiling

Black and yellow in the kitchen


black and white photo wallpaper and pink sofa

living room-photo-wallpaper-black-white-eiffel tower-pink

stylish living room in black and white

living room-black-white-wall-decoration-high-gloss-white-panel-backlighting

bright colors in the living room

living room-furnishings-ecru-leather-sofa-black-side-tables

light gray wallpaper with a silver sheen

bedroom-white-light-gray-wallpaper-gloss effect

Wall decoration idea for a black and white bedroom


narrow, white bedroom


Bedroom in the attic


Small kitchen idea


Black, white and wood



kitchen-island-wooden front-modern-white-dining area

children's room-attic-photo-wallpaper-clouds-bubble-hanging chair

dining room design-ideas-black-white-wood-dining table

bathroom design column sink wall panels wave pattern

bathroom-sloping ceiling-ecru-color-tiles-floor-level shower

baby room design ideas sloping-boy-girl

baby room-sloping-roof-boy-sheep-deco