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25 Design sound absorbers and decorative partitions

Design sound absorber wall panels-green tene

Acoustics is an important aspect of interior design that is often neglected. Especially in particularly spacious rooms in new buildings or in lofts with high ceilings, the need to have sound absorbers installed increases. Our mood is influenced by all senses, so annoying noises can have a negative effect on our health and also on our creativity. Sound absorbers not only ensure an efficient working environment and a relaxing room climate, but also bring creative design into play. Look at the Design sound absorber of the Swedish company Abstracta and see for yourself!

Decorative design sound absorbers for the living room

Design sound absorber decorative-modular-system-Aircone-black

Discover these fantastic products for sound absorption, which are not only suitable for meeting and office rooms, but also for private living spaces. The Aircone and Airflake module systems, which are made from compression-molded polyester felt, are particularly fascinating. The individual modules can be combined into different patterns and come in a variety of colors. Ideal for shielding an open space and effectively absorbing sound, these hanging room dividers can be easily attached to the wall and ceiling using an aluminum rail.

Design sound absorbers and free-standing partitions


The partition walls with sound-absorbing properties are a particularly flexible solution for large areas and can be used individually or with several joined units. They usually consist of a solid wooden or aluminum frame and a sound-absorbing, soft acoustic filling. If you are looking for a really functional sound absorber, check out “Window” – a modular magazine display with sound-absorbing properties. Class! Learn more on Abstracta’s official website.

The perfect solution for better room acoustics


Airflake modular system made of polyurethane felt

design sound absorber polyester felt airflake module system

Bits Wall Absorber in purple


Triline wall absorber by Anya Sebton

Design sound absorber living room-gray-TRILINE-WALL-Anya-Sebton-ABSTRACTA

laid vertically


Modules laid in different patterns

design-sound absorber-wall-bits-wall-triangle-plates


design-sound absorber-triline-wall-panels-gray

design-sound absorber-partition-office space


design-sound absorber-polyurethane-white-airwave

design-sound absorber-polyester-felt-white-partition-wall-module-system


design-sound absorber-free-standing-partition-wall-stitch

design-sound absorber-felt-decorative-functional

design-sound absorber-felt-AIRFLAKE-Stefan-Borselius-Abstracta

Design sound absorber partition wall modular system colored

design sound absorber bitswall triangle module system

design-sound absorber-Aircone-pink-gray

design-sound absorber-airflake-abstracta-module-system

design-sound absorber-magazine-display-black-gray

design-sound absorber-magazine-display-modular-system-gray-Window

You can find all models at Abstracta