Interior design

22 design doors made of glass and wood for the modern home

design wooden doors sliding door red handle acem

The design of the interior door plays an important role if you want to highlight the house architecture or the furnishing style of the apartment. A beautifully designed door gives you a preview of the room you will find behind it. Design doors with an eye-catching look will therefore give the room a unique character. As with all other elements for your new home or when renovating your apartment, you should carefully choose the doors on the inside. There is a wide choice, but the glass and wood interior doors are always popular. We have put together 22 design doors for you that impress with their high quality and modern look.

Design doors by Casali

glass doors two leaves frosted glass tree Casali®

The doors are often overlooked, but they play a big role in interior design and can reflect the character of the room. When buying, consider the following:

– Each room has a door in contrast to other design elements that can only be found in one room, such as kitchen countertops or appliances.

– Doors are used several times a day

– Doors also perform other important functions. In addition to the aesthetic effect, they offer security, privacy and sound insulation.

Modern design doors as eye-catchers

modern doors shiny handles wood leather Exit Texarredo

At one point or another, doors played an important role in the architectural design of a house. They embodied the unique philosophies and features of the different architectural periods in which they were built. They were influential symbols of style and wealth. So take more time and choose a breathtaking interior door for your apartment.

Exit collection by Texarredo

modern design doors marble effects Exit Texarredo

colorful glass doors inside

glass doors design colorful Casali colorful

Glass door with integrated LED lighting

glass inner door dorma integrated led lighting

Design wooden doors by Garofoli

garofoli doors inside wood gray high gloss elements

bright colors in the living room

garofoli design doors wood bright modern apartment

Black leather

design doors inside leather black glass Exit Texarredo

Karim Raschid

door collection karim rashid purple blue pattern

door design white soccer goal shoot Exit Texarredo

tondin porte wood door inside grain living room

tondin porte wood interior door grain warm

Spin from Rimadesio glass mirror door design  modern design doors wood oak modern apartment

Modern Doors Ltd ravenna oak wood door mosaic modern

Frosted glass door decor floral motifs Casali®

interior door design high gloss black karim rashid pattern

inside glass door sliding door milk clear glass Casali

design doors inside glass white frame tondin porte

design doors unique vadim kadoshnikov

  design doors white wood steel handle modern Texarredo