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10 original ideas for indoor and outdoor planters

original ideas for botany factory planters

The holidays are over, but the magic of winter is slowly waning. That’s why we have a few green ones for you Ideas for planters prepared for the apartment, as well as for the garden, which will freshen up the interior of your home. For those of you who are not exactly green fingers, there is this gardening alternative. Fortunately, there is a whole industry of self-watering planters and terrariums these days that are easy to use.

Unusual ideas for planters for the home, as well as for the garden

original ideas planters from Roost

Even if it’s a small garden with herbs in the kitchen, or even a single cactus that doesn’t need watering, in the courtyard or on the back balcony, there is something for everyone with different gardening skills. Now that spring is a few months away and the chances of seeing green leaves and flowers next to the sidewalk is minimal, we should show a little initiative and look at this beautiful one Ideas for planters watch. We have put together a collection of 10 cool ideas for modern flower pots that will bring a bit of green to your home and garden.

Ideas for planters with a rectangular shape for the garden

original ideas for planters from Urban Nature

Spherical flower pots from Solisombra for the garden

original ideas planters from solisombra

Modern plant container with mirror surface

original ideas for planters by Roberto Garbugli

Designer flower pots in hemispherical shape

original ideas planters modern design

Rectangular plant containers for herbs from Lechuza

original ideas for planters from Lechuza

Planters with an original design for the home

original ideas for planters from design night

Unusual idea for herb pots from Boskke

original ideas planters from Boskke

Designer flower pots for the garden from Blomus

original ideas planters from Blomus