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The art and modern kitchen design

Breathtaking taps from “Hansgrohe”

modern, elegant kitchen fittings from Hansgrohe

In 1917 the modern artist Marcel Duchamp presented the sanitary piece (to be discreet) in a famous New York art gallery. He ironically named this work “fountain”. At that time, his “creation” was ridiculed by many who could not see the more subtle message behind the piece. However, the art historians and critics now see this work as “an important milestone in the art of the 20th century”.

artful modern kitchen fittings from Hansgrohe

artistic taps from Hansgrohe

So why is an art and history class in an article on that modern kitchen design? The connection is easy. Almost a century ago Duchamp was ridiculed for his testimony to the aesthetic qualities of everyday objects. Now we take it for granted that the line between art and functional design is blurring. The focus of this article falls on relating to kitchen faucets the modern kitchen design. These faucets are not displayed as purely functional products as they were designed, but are rather valued on a number of different levels.

Stylish design in the kitchen – faucet from Hansgrohe

elegant faucet - design by Hansgrohe

The “Mangrove” kitchen faucet is the design of “Hansgrohe Technology and Quality”, who developed their product to be a modern kitchen design to improve. They describe their invention as an “attractive and reliable tool” and are very proud of their 110 years of design experience. For an interesting comparison, Marcel Duchamp would be 15 when this company started.

Hansgrohe faucet – an elegant look in the kitchen

modern kitchen - faucet from Hansgrohe

As this long-established company describes, the features of their faucet collection are:

. “…. Solid workmanship, high-quality materials and well-engineered technology…. ”But something still needs to be said about the taps. They are fabulously stylish, sculptural, and sleek. These basic objects from the modern kitchen design may be taken for granted, but you need to memorize their distinctive and elegant aesthetics.

So maybe things have come full circle since Duchamp’s time, including the era when “Hansgrohe” was first founded by bringing art into the modern kitchen design and have recognized that beauty and function are often one and the same thing.

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Kitchen faucets for modern kitchen design

modern kitchen fittings - kitchen design by Hansgrohe