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Modern small kitchen design by Snaidero

compact kitchen design by Snaidero

Award-winning kitchen design companies Studio Snaidero Sono and Studio Snaidero Greenwich have developed an interesting range of small kitchens for the modern home. Her Skyline collection takes a different approach to modern small kitchen design satisfactory for less space and more needs. The result is a perfect solution for limited spaces that is compact and versatile in function and fresh in design.

compact kitchen design

small kitchen by Snaidero

The modern one small kitchen design Skyline can then satisfy even the most demanding of housewives. The countertop is like a curve with two swollen parts and a sunken part in the middle. It has no sharp edges and looks like the person standing in the middle is hugging. The idea behind this modern one small kitchen design is to offer easy and quick access to everything you need in the cooking process. The heating plate is in the middle of the kitchen plate and the sink next to it, on one side of the plate. Around them there is extra space for glasses, plates, pots, other kitchen utensils and more space in the cabinets below. Another wooden panel with a wave-like shape covers the entire kitchen and carries the lighting. On top of it you can put all sorts of decorations around that modern small kitchen design further customize and add personality.

functional kitchen design by Snaidero

functional kitchen design

The materials used in the Skyline kitchens vary, including wood, steel and marble. Different color palette is also available – white or brown for the cabinet and white, brown or red for the upper level. There are two basic variants of the modern small kitchen design according to the combination of materials – steel combined with brown and red for an extreme look and the other combined marble and white for more elegance.

By K.H. Christova

Skyline Collection – Marble and White

compact kitchen - white design

shiny surfaces in a small kitchen design

compact kitchens - multifunctional design

modern kitchen by Snaidero – red and steel for an extravagant look

compact kitchen from Snaidero - red and steel

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