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Modern and luxurious kitchen design idea from Brummel

white luxury kitchen design brummel

We present you modern luxurious Kitchen design Ideas from Brummel – they’re all you can ask for. Luxury, style, class and simply perfect manufacturing for those who want the best of life. The design combines functionality and aesthetics in a high quality kitchen with a stainless steel kitchen counter. The bottom line is fascinating. Colors and materials have been specially selected for each model so that they match every room.

Brummel’s kitchen design idea emphasizes style and comfort

white kitchen crystal chandelier dining table

The leitmotif and main idea behind the concept for Kitchen design is to design a flexible modular kitchen that fits every room. Everything that comes from this incredible company puts a lot of emphasis on the Italian tradition and especially on the unique style from Venice. But that doesn’t mean that this kitchen looks old-fashioned, but exactly the opposite – the timeless elegance of the entire collection leaves a lasting positive impression.

Glamorous kitchen design by Brummel


Bamboo wood Italian cuisine

Since the company was founded, Brummel has quickly become world-famous as an innovative and creative furniture manufacturer. Nowadays the company is for Kitchen design focused on expanding and retaining its market-leading positions. Many different projects are proof that hard work and attention to detail pays off. Wood, stainless steel, crystal and glass are the most popular materials that the company has focused on. The color schemes are varied – black and white should of course not be missing, but they are refreshed and redesigned with blue and red accents. Purple and coral are all the rage right now, and are used as decorations even in more traditional settings. A comfortable dining table was chosen for the smaller kitchens and a bench for the larger ones.

Italian kitchen design combines tradition and modernity

Luxury purple kitchen island Italian design


Influenced by the Italian tradition and the latest trends in interior design, Brummel offers exquisite Kitchen designs, which are combined with crystal chandeliers, colored glass decorations, flowers or interesting carpets. It is precisely the diversity of designs and colors that makes it possible to offer the right thing for every customer.

modern-luxury-kitchen-Brummel-bench-wooden table

French style kitchen design

Kitchen design idea french style

Modern round white kitchen island


Luxurious kitchen furniture with interesting details

handmade kitchen furniture detail

Elegant white Italian cuisine


Black kitchen with red accents