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Kitchen design ideas made from HI-MACS ® – Solid Surface Material

white kitchen design

You are looking for modern kitchen design ideas for your home furnishings? We offer you some unique pieces of furniture. It comes down to the innovative and luxurious kitchens made from HI-MACS ®. If you are wondering what HI-MACS ® is, we will respond immediately: it is a synthetic material made up of 70% natural minerals, acrylic resins and natural pigments. HI-MACS ® is produced in the form of sheets or molded parts, and thanks to this new material, you can create similar ones Kitchen design ideas enjoy like this one from the pictures below.

Stylish white kitchen


It is known that the latest trends in interior design put emphasis on the representation of such a kitchen design idea that offers the consumer not only beautiful, but also functional and ecological solutions. Thanks to HI-MACS ® this will be very easy to achieve. The secret lies in the manufacturing process. This material is heated in two phases at high temperature, instead of one, as with other mineral materials. This creates a new and harder mixture. In addition, it is free from structural defects. This is exactly why the facility that we offer you in these seems to be Kitchen design ideas show so amazing.

Snow-white elegant cuisine


You can’t deny this Kitchen design ideas are really very impressive. Modern furniture can not only bring incredible style into your home, but thanks to advanced technology, it has excellent heat resistance and mechanical damage. In addition, they are offered in a beautiful variety of shapes, resulting in many possibilities for creating great ones Kitchen design ideas suggests.

Glamorous white kitchen design


These unique pieces of kitchen furniture and Kitchen design ideas would be a wonderful addition to some kitchen decors in neutral color palette, for example. You just need to experiment and you will see that creating the best Kitchen design ideas is not as difficult as some people think.

   Kitchen design in black and white


Kitchen design in bold red

modern kitchen design ideas

White kitchen with a shiny design


White functional kitchen cabinets


  Elegant kitchen design in black and white


Small kitchen design idea

small kitchen design idea

white kitchen cabinets

white kitchen cabinets


Strong colors in the kitchen



Amazing LED lighting in the kitchen


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