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Kitchen arrangement and spatial distribution

L-shaped kitchen arrangement

The effectiveness of a kitchen depends on the Kitchen arrangement from – what layout it has and how much storage space and movement it offers. There must be a natural flow of work between the different centers of work. Each kitchen plan includes a line that forms a triangle that illustrates the movement between the primary areas of activity. Here we explain the five types of kitchen arrangements. They are designed to make the most of the space available; considering the layout of the rest of the house.

There are 5 types of Kitchen arrangement : L-Shaped, U-Shaped, Galley, Kitchen Island, and Single Kitchenette.

modern kitchen layout with L-shape

L-shape kitchen layout


L-shape: This is a very popular one Kitchen arrangement.  Ideal for families and small apartments because the chairs and table can be accommodated in the same room. The kitchen also benefits from the lack of through traffic when using two adjacent walls.

L-shape – popular type of kitchen arrangement

u-shaped kitchen layout

small u-shaped kitchen design


U-shape: With three full walls a room offers the U-shaped Kitchen arrangement the perfect kitchen zone for food preparation. The refrigerator, stove or hob, and sink can be spaced for total efficiency and convenience. This is great news for those who take their kitchen seriously as it offers the best workflow with the shortest distances around the kitchen.

galley kitchen arrangement

Galley kitchen layout

galley kitchen layout

Galley arrangement: These Kitchen arrangement also allows large amounts of countertops and storage space. This is the number one choice for many professional chefs because it makes the most efficient use of space. The two rows allow easy change and activity in the area and can be easy to turn around. If the hallway is open at both ends, it can cause congestion and this type of arrangement is not ideal. Make sure there is enough space to open the drawers. Cleaning and cooking areas need to be on the same side to avoid the risk of accidents while moving hot pans between the sink and hob.

kitchen island kitchen plan

modern kitchen island and bar stools


Kitchen island: A very popular one Kitchen arrangement, perfect if you are planning to have a chat. An independent island in the kitchen can look at the dining or living area at the same time, so that they can socialize while you prepare the food. Kitchen islands also often have a sink and cabinets so that the most of their design is achieved.

single-kitchenette-kitchen arrangement

single kitchenette with stainless steel design

single-kitchenette stainless steel design

Single kitchenette: This is an intelligent and simple solution for tight spaces, ideally with a small wall, three meters long, without windows or doors. However, this caused Kitchen arrangement the longest distances as you often have to walk from one end of the room to the other. It can therefore make sense to place the sink in the middle of the kitchen unit.

   Individual kitchenette with green wall paint as an accent


White galley kitchen layout

white galley kitchen arrangement

U-shaped white kitchen

U-shaped white kitchen

Modern L-shaped kitchen layout

L-shape kitchen layout

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