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The luxurious modern kitchen design by Boffi

white kitchen design zone by Boffi

We present you the minimalist, very attractive luxury modern kitchen design by Boffi. In the event that your kitchen is in need of renovation or you are just a fan of elegant kitchen furnishings, this kitchen furniture will fit in well with your home. The design is characterized by purity, the lines are fine, and the color scheme – monochrome, typical of minimalist design in general. The luxurious, modern kitchen design by Boffi offers wonderful systems in different versions.

Boffi Collection – Xila – White Luxury Kitchen Design

white modern kitchen design- Xila by Boffi

Most importantly, these are new projects that take a fresh look at the luxurious modern kitchen design throw to highlight the beauty of natural materials. Among this variety of products you will find beautiful wooden surfaces as well as those made of stainless steel or stone. All of this is offered in different strengths and indeed with completely new solutions for kitchen countertops and dining areas. That luxurious modern kitchen Design by Boffi can also inspire you with many other ideas.

ON-OFF by Boffi – clever kitchen design

white kitchen design open on-off

white luxury kitchen design on-off by Boffi

The accessories are no less attractive as you can see from the pictures below that are used luxurious modern kitchen design from Boffi highly functional storage solutions, such as modern drawers, adjustable shelves with mounted lights. Here, too, you can find extractor hoods with innovative, externally ventilated systems, wall units with an open face, and other great details of modern kitchen equipment, all of which have a stylish look and are available in different designs.

Duemilaotto by Boffi – glass, wood and snow-white surfaces

white luxurious kitchen design- Duemilaotto

That luxurious modern kitchen design Boffi also offers new countertops made of Serena stone, Carrara marble, or black granite. All of these suggestions are very impressive and will not disappoint users. These are high quality products that are the perfect equipment for all fans of modern kitchen design.

CaseSystem 5.0 by Boffi – white minimalist design in the kitchen

white luxurious kitchen design - CaseSystem5.0

Kitchen design “Aprile” by Boffi

white kitchen design - Aprile by Boffi

Mini kitchen from Boffi

Mini kitchen design by Boffi