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The modern furniture with artistic execution by Carlo Rampazzi


Carlo Rampazzi is through his modern furniture become a real style icon who always delivers top quality designs. Today the Swiss-born architect is one of the best designers in Europe.

Art in the interior – the modern furniture by Carlo Rampazzi


The work of Carlo Rampazzi, and his in particular modern furniture are recognized worldwide as an exquisite interior design. The innovative production technology in combination with an exceptional creative approach makes him one of the most popular artists. The designer graduated from the universities of Lugano and Paris in architecture. His talent was noticed back then and soon after graduating he began to develop creative furniture that uniquely combines modern and classic style.

The modern furniture – perfect aesthetics and rich color palette

gilded motifs headboard bed

Thanks to his creativity, he has been commissioned several times to design collections for Colombo style. In Verona he worked with Abitare il Tempo. Since 2003 he has been busy presenting a limited, exclusive collection together with NOI Paris and Sergio Villa. The fascinating fabrics and high quality materials in combination with exceptional style and class are the connecting elements for the modern furniture.

Fascinating fabrics and color combinations


Perfect aesthetics and a rich, bold palette of colors define the designs and create a peculiarly intimate atmosphere. One of the most important prerequisites for the success of the collection is the fact that Rampazzi only projects individual pieces of furniture for its customers to order. He knows how to appreciate and use the available space and can combine our dreams and passions in one design. He can feel the changes in life and create modern furniture, which change over time along with their owners. That’s why the magic furniture is from Carlo Rampazzi so desirable and popular – they will never go out of style or lose their luster.

Gilded floor lamp with an exciting design

gold-plated floor lamp metal

Yellow-blue modern futuristic cabinet


Red table with playing card motifs

red table card motifs

Purple folding bed with interesting ornaments


Luxurious metal chair

Luxury metal chair

Green comfortable sofa


Carlo Rampazzi furniture

carlo rampazzi furniture

Purple desk with metal decoration

purple metal desk decoration